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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: Killing the Unicorn by Lizella Prescott @lizellaprescott

Killing the Unicorn
by Lizella Prescott

Excited to be spotlighting Killing the Unicorn today.  The premise sounds amazing and I'm intrigued with a few key data points the author sent me:  "...characters are flawed, dysfunctional and sometimes downright deceitful...this is not a depiction of sane, healthy polyamory.." and more... well that just made me tingle a little and extremely curious about this book!

Continue below to learn more and stay tuned for my review of this!

There's also a link to read the first chapter!

Publisher:  Hungry Lizard Press
Publish Date:  August 20, 2018
Kindle Edition
Genres: Domestic Thriller, Suspense



Since having twin daughters, Helen has lost her waistline, her libido, and her edge. Mann, her wealthy, high-flying husband, has tried to be patient. But he needs more than she can give. A lot more. 

When he asks to open their marriage, Helen agrees. She would rather bend than risk a high-stakes divorce.


When Mann connects with Julia, Helen is relieved. At first. She likes Julia, a gentle woman with a tragic past. But her husband is moving fast. Too fast. And a series of odd events unnerves Helen and makes her wonder if Julia could be a threat to her children or even her life.

As Mann falls deeper into love, Helen becomes obsessed with Julia even as she doubts herself. To protect her children and her sanity, Helen must discover the truth: is Julia a danger to her family, or is she?

About the Author:

Lizella colors outside the genres. She writes a dark blend of suspense, fantasy and experimental short fiction. She also dabbles in domestic noir, Greek mythology, and Dystopian. You can discover her work and weirdness on Medium and her website.
When she’s not dreaming up new ways to torture fairy princesses, Lizella writes corporate copy under a different pseudonym and tries to keep up with one husband, two kids, and four large dogs.

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