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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: The Case of the Pinched Stadivarius by Elaine Loeser @smithpublicity @elaineloeser

The Case of the Pinched Stadivarius
by Elaine Loeser
Illustrated by Greg Arvanitakis

Publisher: Ampersand, Inc.
Publish Date:  April 6, 2018
40 Pages
Genre: Kids

Miles and Fargo are your average turtles. They swim, lounge around and fight over the one rock in their tank. But Miles and Fargo are different in one major way: like Jimmy Stewart’s character in the iconic 1954 film “Rear Window,” they witness a crime from the window of their apartment and manage to solve it without leaving their tank.

From Elaine Loeser, fiction writer, lawyer and former writer for the long-running NBC drama “Law & Order” comes The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius (Ampersand, Inc., Publishing, April 6 2018), with wonderfully vibrant illustrations by Greg Arvanitakis. One day, while looking out the window, Miles and Fargo witness a little girl's violin stolen by a bad man, who snatches the instrument and runs away. After watching carefully, the turtles enlist the services of Bogie and Bandit, the dogs who live in the apartment with them, to do the legwork on their walks.  The dogs get all the credit when the violin is found. But that’s ok with Miles and Fargo. They did the thinking.  This is the story of how they manage to solve the crime and bring the thief to justice, thus becoming: Miles and Fargo, Turtle Detectives!

Told in an all-dialogue format, The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius is a unique whodunit. For kids, parents and teachers alike, it’s a fun story that introduces readers to Miles and Fargo, their background and how they become the Holmes and Watson of the amniote world!  Through the pages of the book, readers also learn:
                  A tale of real turtles: They’re now 21-years-old, have real personalities of their own and enjoy sitting in the window of Loeser’s home. They may just be solving crime in their spare time as well!
                  About witnessing a crime and what to do. They solve the caper with keen observation and thinking. And, while they do employ the limited skills of the two  clueless dogs who live with them, this too is a challenge for the turtles. 
                  This is their first case, and how they become Miles and Fargo: Turtle Detectives. They might soon be famous, if only someone other than the dogs knew they were the real detectives!
The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius is ideal for readers ages 3-8.

About the Author:

ELAINE LOESER is a fiction writer, reformed lawyer, and enthusiastic Chicagoan. While living in Los Angeles, she wrote for the long-running NBC drama “Law & Order”, as well as other television dramas. She is a member of The Writers Guild of America, West, The Chicago Literary Club and New York Women in Film and Television. Loeser is the owner (the accurate, but not preferred term) of two 21-year-old red-eared slider turtles who inspired the events in her debut children’s book, The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius. They were brought home one day from downtown L.A. by her husband, Jerry, for whom this was and still is, standard operating procedure. The events depicted here are fictional, and not based on any actual people. The animals, however, are very real indeed. These are their stories…

About the Illustrator:

GREG ARVANITAKIS started drawing at a young age, mostly on the walls in his house. His first illustrated book was completed while in second grade, which won an award and placed in a state-wide young authors contest. Thirty some years later, he illustrated author Elaine Loeser’s children’s book, The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius. In between, he attended school for art and design and becoming an art director. When not drawing pictures, Arvanitakis spends time with his wife and two children, who have been excited about and supportive of his most recent work as well as valuable critics.

About Miles and Fargo:

They have had adventures in many cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Their vantage point has always been elevated and iconic. They looked out on Dodger Stadium from Pasadena, on the Drake Hotel in Chicago, and on the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.

Learn more about The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius on turtledetectives.comFacebook & Instagram.

The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius is available on Amazon.

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