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Thursday, May 10, 2018

BLOG TOUR: Kill the Angel by Sandrone Dazieri @sandronedazieri @emmafinnigan @simionschusterUK

Kill the Angel
by Sandrone Dazieri

I'm beyond excited to be today's stop on the Blog Tour for Dazieri's KILL THE ANGEL.  I absolutely LOVED Kill the Father (see my 5 star review HERE) so when approached with this one, how could I say no?!

Continue below for information on the book and author and see what I thought about this amazing read.

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster UK
Publish Date:  May 3, 2018
480 Pages
Series:  Colomba Caselli #2
Genres:  Thriller, Suspense

The second novel from the acclaimed author of Kill the Father, a Richard and Judy 2017 Bookclub pick and Sunday Times bestseller, this thriller is multi-layered, complex, full of twists and turns and satisfyingly dark –  one of those novels you just have to read late into the night.

A high-speed train from Milan draws into the station in Rome, and an horrific discovery in one carriage rocks the city. Preliminary investigations are put in the hands of Deputy Police Commissioner Colomba Caselli.   

The police receive a message claiming responsibility for the act and announcing more murders to come, and they duly turn their attention to a small terrorist group of Islamic extremists. But investigator Dante Torre does not believe this angle. For him, this feels like a smokescreen concealing the actions of a killer who has a far more terrible motivation to continue.
The trail leads to Berlin and Venice, where the waters of the Venetian Lagoon will turn blood red ...

Sandrone Dazieri was born in Cremona (Italy) in 1964. He graduated at San Pellegrino Terme hotel-management school and worked as a cook for years, all around Italy. After having moved to Milan he started working in a number of jobs, from seller to porter, and played a very active role in the italian anti nuclear movement. 

In 1992 he got closer to publishing working as freelance journalist ad expert of underground culture and cyberpunk fiction.

In 1999 he achieved his first popular success with the thriller "Attenti al gorilla" (Watch Out For The Gorilla), the first in a best-seller series, where the main character is a sort of doppelgènger of Dazieri himself, living the nightlife in Milan with all the ensuing troubles. Dazieri's books are renowned for the rocambolesque adventures in which Sandrone (the main character has the author's name too) is continuously involved, in an irrefrenable but never fatalistic destiny. It is in fact Sandrone's personality that always drives him to assist the weak and derelict, those who have lost all hope for help but for the Gorilla's saving hand. Among a thousand contradictions, he'll confront all sorts of dangers, in the best tradition of hardboiled thrillers, and aided by his alter ego called Socio (the rational side of Sandrone, in a split-personality condition), our hero will happily finalise and conclude many chilling and hair-raising situations.

Dazieri wrote many other noir novels, kids novels, comics and short stories. 

He is also a scriptwriter for cinema and tv. His most successful serie is "Squadra Antimafia" (Antimafia Squad) now optioned by ABC.

With Italian film director Gabriele Salvatores and producer Maurizio Totti, Dazieri founded in 2004 the publishing house Colorado Noir.

From 2000 to 2004 he was also the chief editor of the crime series Gialli Mondadori (Mondadori Thrillers) and the catalogue for young readers Libri per Ragazzi Mondadori (Mondadori Books for Youth). He is currently a literary consultant to the Mondadori Publishing House.

He is vegetarian and testimonial for many nonprofit organization.

My Review:

I'm honestly surprised I'm not hearing about this series more.  When I read Kill The Father in January of last year, I told everyone not to sleep on this read.  Now I want to reiterate the fact and tell you again, DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS SERIES.  Colomba is back and dealing with the aftermath of her last big case.  People are starting to question some of her actions and when she's back on the next biggest case - a supposed terrorist attack by ISIS - she smell something fishy and calls in Dante to help her again.  Nothing like having two extremely flawed characters who have been put through the ringer together back in action... and I couldn't be happier!

Dazieri does it again - builds a complex and intriguing multilayered thriller that hooks you straight from the beginning.  I do think these should be read in order.  I love it when a series doesn't spend too much time in later book explaining what happened prior - this way we get right into the meat and potatoes of this dinner Dazieri dishes out to you in heaps.  However, that does require you to start at the beginning and lucky for you, dear readers, this is only book 2 so far, so there's plenty of time.  Trust me, it's absolutely worth it and Kill the Father helps to build the characters of Colomba and Dante so you have a better understanding of them in Kill the Angel.  While I do love both of these characters, Dante shines in this one.  His quirks, coffee obsession and the way he transverses the planet just makes me smile.  The star of the show, however, is the antagonist, this character they are trying to track down.  WOW!  Absolutely do love me a proper villain and this one delivers.  

I think we'll be hearing more about this series soon and I cannot wait for Book Three  because THAT ENDING.... wtf, Sandrone?!  👀😱


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