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Where the Reader Grows is a New York City and book-centric blog sprinkled with life. You will find posts about recipes, my musings, a collective jumble of whatever is on my mind at the time along with discussions on ALL THINGS BOOKS. Mostly these will include crime/psychological thrillers and horror novels, but will include different genres peppered in to keep things spicy. Come and take a ride with me! Subscribe for my monthly newsletter or follow me on social media for all updates (see my Connect page).

Currently based in Astoria (Queens), New York, I have lived in various countries and cities due to being from a military family. I have found that my passions tend to change as years pass, but one thing remained consistent: my love of books. Where the Reader Grows is a play on the title of my favorite book and on life in general, as each new experience and place of residence has helped me grow throughout the years. There are certainly more adventures to be had—please come along and join me!

Please note that all my rambles on here are strictly my opinion only.