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Monday, May 21, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: Farewell Olympus by Jack Messenger @39stepsJack

Farewell Olympus 
by Jack Messenger

Publisher:  Greyhound Press
Publish Date:  June 17, 2018
Kindle Edition
310 Pages

A long, hot summer in the capital of the world.

When a patron of the arts named Serge loans him a luxurious penthouse apartment in central Paris, Howard can’t believe his luck. Now he can live cheaply while he translates articles for shortlived websites and doomed art journals nobody reads. And he’ll have more time to devote to his inscrutable French girlfriend, Delphine, a trainee lawyer.

Then, disaster strikes, in the shape of Eugene, Howard’s half-brother and personal nemesis, who sows chaos and discord wherever he goes. Abruptly, Howard’s uneventful life is plunged into mystery and farce. People are suddenly not what they seemed, and danger lurks in every restaurant. Serge himself is implicated in wrongdoing, while Giles, an Englishman abroad and seldom sober, knows more than he’s prepared to tell.

Can Howard and Eugene overcome their mutual antagonism long enough to survive? Should Howard forgive Eugene for being better looking? Will Eugene ever help him with the housework? Above all, will they ever agree about anything, particularly women?

Farewell Olympus is about love and rivalry, ambition and morality, Armageddon and the quest for the perfect croissant. Witty, intelligent and entertaining, it will make you feel you are too, even if you have no experience of volleyball.


 Jack Messenger is a full-time writer and freelance editor, and the author of the new novel Farewell Olympus. After living in deepest France for eight years, he exchanged self-sufficiency in fruit and veg for a life of glamour and greyhounds in Nottingham, UK, and is thus more than qualified to write about culture shock and miscommunication. A life-long reader and writer, and a successful author of non-fiction, Jack’s fiction has been reviewed as ‘compelling’, ‘fantastic’, wonderful’, ‘serious’ and ‘engaging’ by people who clearly know what they are talking about. His collection of short stories, Four American Tales, published to wide international acclaim and no financial profit, can be found for free virtually everywhere, including his website, where you are also encouraged to linger over compelling book reviews and ponder life’s mysteries.

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