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Monday, May 7, 2018

REVIEW: Dexter Boomstick by M.P. Lombardo @dexterboomstick

Dexter Boomstick
by M.P. Lombardo

Thanks so much to the author for this copy in return for my honest opinion!  Don't let the cover fool you, this is NOT a graphic novel but it would certainly be fun to see it made into one!

Publish Date:  January 23, 2018
173 pages
Series:  Dexter Boomstick Episode #1
Genres:  Horror, Paranormal, Apocalyptic

Goodreads Synopsis:

When the world descends into a madman's twisted imagination, Dexter “Boomstick” Reynolds, a 30-year-old sporting goods store manager with legendary bat-swinging power, must find his way back to the beautiful Roxanne before she lands in the clutches of the madman, and self-proclaimed Pig Monster, Roy Hecht.

Will the mysterious Golden Slugger baseball bat, business casual attire, and devilishly good looks be enough for Dexter to prevail?

45,000 words of horror, romance, and adventure. Dexter Boomstick contains explicit language, violence, and sexual content.

My Review:

Now this is quite the interesting book! First the cover has that graphic novel feel which I think makes Goodreads wrongly putting it into the Graphic Novel genres... let's be clear, it's NOT... though it would be fun to see it made into one!

This is a pretty easy read, under 200 pages and shows that Lombardo has a keen sense of bringing some crazy monsters to life. My favorite parts were reading about them and I did cringe a couple of times. I did feel the story got a bit disjointed - are we in the present or the past? It wasn't crystal clear at times and I had to flip back to see if I missed anything.

Let's discuss the characters a bit. Most of the men seem very misogynistic - except for Dexter, who apparently is the perfect man... and strong if he can easily wield a bat made of gold (do you know how HEAVY that thing would be?!). Gabby apparently didn't care if she died or not as long as Dexter paid some attention to her, but alas, he only has eyes for Roxanne, his girlfriend who he's trying to find in the mix of all the madness and she plays an extremely small role. Joe felt like that old dirty uncle you try to avoid at family reunions.

I need more answers! Why do the monsters have a hard on for Dexter? What was the blackness and why were they in and out and um.. that scene in the desert. What?! I'm... baffled to say the least. The content doesn't bother me honestly, I just didn't know how it fit in exactly.

I did enjoy this as almost a satire type book - everything felt a bit cartoony or graphic novel type and that is NOT a bad thing AT ALL. Lombardo has quite the imagination and I'd like to see him take that further.. which I assume he will be since this is just Episode #1.

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