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Monday, May 7, 2018

REVIEW: Grimly Jane by Elle Alexander @grimlyjane @ElleAlexander2

Grimly Jane
by Elle Alexander

I was thrilled to win this gorgeous book through and Instagram giveaway from the author herself!
Not only did she send a signed copy, but I also received a cute pouch and necklace along with it that you can see in my photo with my review below.

Check out this adorable, dark fantasy book. 
Haven't we all wanted to get revenge on those who have wronged us?

Publisher:  Oliver Press
Publish Date:  October 10, 2016
232 pages
Series: Grimy Jane #1 
Genres:  Dark Fantasy, Middle Grade

Goodreads Synopsis:

Jane Worthington is miserable indeed. Losing her parents at the tender age of eight, she is sent to live at the dreadful orphanage, The Rudorf Home For Foundlings, where she is forced to bed without supper, made to clean with little rest and, when she's very naughty, locked away in the red room. One day, her fortune changes when she discovers a door to another world through which she escapes and starts down a journey that will grant her the chance for wicked revenge.

My Review:

Just look at this cover.. isn't it just gorgeous and pulls you right in before you even open it?  The illustrations alone give you that immediate Tim Burton feel.  They are riddled throughout the book and engaging.  I found myself staring at them like they were putting a spell on me before I remembered to turn the page so I could continue with the story.

Imagine if you could be trained to go back and get revenge upon all those who have wronged you.  At a young age, you don't consider the consequences, just that your feelings have been hurt and there's no understanding of why this is happening.  And that's the best thing about fairy tales isn't it?  The lessons that are learned?  This darker type of story is always better than the Disney versions in my opinion.  There's not much that needs to be said about this story other than READ IT.  It's absolutely adorable and I loved the visual it gave my brain as I was turning each page.

I'm also excited as it appears that book 2 will be coming in October 2018. YAY! 

For fans of Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton - you don't want to miss out on this series.  Open that door... walk through it and see what's waiting. 


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