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Monday, October 9, 2017

REVIEW: The Cool Kids by Jason Pellegrini @jpellegrini1983

The Cool Kids
by Jason Pellegrini


Big thank you to the author for this copy in return for my honest review.

If this author's name looks familiar to you, it's because I also reviewed his book, Booth, back in July - you can find that review HERE.  While that one was dark, this one is the polar opposite - bright and reminiscent of childhood.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Growing up, Kevin Ford was never considered one of the cool kids. He was the unathletic son of a father who had been the star of his college football team and the scrawny younger sibling of two brothers who loved to torment him. To his peers, he was far from being considered popular. 

Kevin had two best friends, though. One afternoon in the summer of 1994, they showed up unannounced at his front door with a secret mission. What Kevin figured was going to be an average summer day with his friends turned into an adventure like no other. The three of them entered the woods and sought out a forgotten ancient myth. 

Now, nearly a quarter century later, Kevin finds himself reminiscing about that August day. As he’s about to enter a new stage of his life, he looks to his past to help give him the strength to face what lies ahead.

My Review:

Ah... the wonderful days as a child when your imagination takes you on an adventure and your best friends come along to lead the way.  I think we can all relate to this novella.  You bond with your closest friends at a young age and then as you get older, other priorities come into play and you tend to grow apart.  The best thing about that bond though, is that it doesn't break.  No matter how many years have passed or how many miles are between you.  The author does a fantastic job in telling the story of Kevin and his buddies in such a relatable way that you'll be taken back to your own adventures.

I certainly remember all the adventures I had as a kid, made up or otherwise.  And sometimes, it's nice to revisit them - they always bring a smile.  This book will do the same for you.


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