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Friday, October 20, 2017

BOOK MAIL: Craig & Fred by Craig Grossi @harpercollins #craiggrossi

Craig & Fred
A Marine, a Stray Dog, and How They Rescued Each Other
(Young Readers Edition)
by Craig Grossi

🐶 AVAILABLE 10/31/17 🐶

Big thank you to HarperCollins for this Young Readers Edition! 
Please note that the ADULT Edition is being published simultaneously via William Morrow.

A heartwarming story of a stray dog and a U.S. Marine who met under the unlikeliest circumstances in Afghanistan—and who changed each other’s lives forever. 
As part of an elite team of Marines, Craig Grossi was sent on his most dangerous assignment to the Sangin District of Afghanistan. He expected to face harsh conditions and violence from Taliban fighters.

What he didn’t expect was to meet a stray dog, with a big goofy head and little legs—a dog all on his own, filthy and covered in bugs, in a bomb-ridden district, but who carried himself with confidence. And even though the Marines have a rule against approaching strays, Craig couldn’t help but offer some food and a pat—and was shocked when the dog wagged his tail.

From that moment on, they were inseparable; whether out on missions or back at the base, the dog named Fred went along. When the time came for Craig to leave Afghanistan, he knew that Fred had to leave with him no matter what. And as Craig tried to get acclimated to civilian life, Fred was there for him.

This book tells the inspiring story of two friends who ultimately rescued each other, and the stubborn positivity and love that continue to shape their world.

About the Author

Craig Grossi is an eight-year Marine Corps veteran, and a recipient of the Purple Heart.  After returning from Afghanistan, he worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency and attended Georgetown University.  When not travelling with Fred, he works intensively with veteran organizations, including the USA Warriors Ice Hockey Program and the Tragedy Assistance Programs for Survivors (TAPS).  He and Fred live in Maine.

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