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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review: Booth by Jason Pellegrini @jpellegrini1983

Booth by Jason Pellegrini
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

At dawn, on the day of his execution, Joseph Bateman finds himself reflecting on his life, one filled with poor decisions and evil people. Even his lifelong best friend played a pivotal role in earning Joseph his seat on death row.

A phenomenon occurs as the electricity meant to kill Joseph is sent through him, and his essence is ripped from the body he has known his entire life and thrown into a new one. Only the body he now inhabits isn’t new at all; it is the body of a person who lived over a hundred years before Joseph’s birth.

Now living in an unfamiliar era of history and trapped inside a foreign body, Joseph learns he has been sent back for a reason: to earn redemption for his damned soul and to find a sense of peace he has never known. All he needs to do to get there is to prevent one of history’s most infamous murders.

My Review:

Joseph Bateman is on death row, counting down the minutes to his inevitable fate in the electric chair. He reminisces on his childhood and fated relationships that all led him down his evil and dark path. Little does he know what awaits him on the other side of over 1,000 volts.

Joseph endures a lot as a child. Growing up watching his mother's abuse by his father who shows him no affection, he finds himself with only person he can count on - his best friend, Alex. Wanting to always please the only friend he has ever had, he starts doing things that he feels deep down are wrong, but can't stop himself as the positive reinforcement he gets from his actions gives him the one thing he's never got anywhere else. Inevitably, she ends up playing a huge part in landing him on death row. Hitting the other side off the electricity, he finds himself given a chance at redemption, but can he put the puzzle pieces together enough to find it? Or will his soul be stuck in an evil loop?

The first part of the book, the reflection of Joseph's childhood to his adulthood, is emotional, dark and extremely raw. I felt myself flinching a couple of parts, but it touches a part of you that makes you see just how abusive his father was and sets the stage for why he made some of the decisions that he did. The other side of his death offers the opportunity to set himself right, but like the butterfly effect, some things in the past cannot be changed. Opening his eyes to find himself in the body of a historical figure he was utterly fascinated by growing up, he finds himself trying to right a wrong, but at what expense?

This is a story about reincarnation and redemption... but it's also a love story. What a person will do for love and how they should act if they truly do love. Jason's writing style is smooth like butter and I found myself flying through the pages. While I did find some things a tad bit repetitive, I was enthralled with the story line. The concept is slightly in the vein of King's 11/22/63 and I'm looking forward to getting into the author's head and get the story behind the story. Will definitely be checking out more of his work. Get in the Booth, ya'll.

Shout out to the author for this copy in return for my honest review.

And to my homegirls, Sadie and Jessica for reading this with me! <3

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