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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

CREEPY CRATE Review & Unboxing from THE LINEUP @lineupweekly

Hello fellow horror and true crime lovers!  Been looking for a box to reach that black heart of yours? Take a look at CREEPY CRATE by THE LINEUP!  I'm so happy to be a reviewer for their October Box... because after all, it IS the creepiest season of the year.  Keep on reading to see what exciting items were in this box.  💀

Who doesn't love a t-shirt added to your wardrobe?  Check out this awesome OUINA BOARD T-SHIRT.  "Some spirits should stay on the other side of the veil.  This Creepy Crate exclusive t-shirt serves as your scary and stylish reminder.

This is probably one of my favorite things in the box - WHO KILLED RICHARD CARTER?  Creepy Crate gives you the opportunity to solve a case! How awesome is that?!  "Reuben Collier's uncle was brutally murdered in 1967 - and he needs your help in revealing the killer.  Enclosed is a confidential envelope with all the clues you'll need to crack the case.  Can you solve this mystery?"  As a person who loves puzzles and crime in general, this couldn't hit me right in the solar plexus more!

All these little trinkets included were nice accessories to the bigger items.  "CRIME ALL THE TIME" PEN: "True crime TV network Oxygen wants you to have a killer writing instrument for jotting down your eeriest thoughts."  Oh but do they really? 😈
"WELCOME TO MY MURDER HOUSE: COASTER SET:  Offer your guests a place to put their beverage... and wait for the look of horror with these serial killer coasters. " Oh Creepy Crate, H.H. Holmes?  Why, how did you know?!
GUMMY BODY PARTS CANDY - it would be Halloween without it!  "Ghoulish gourmands will love snacking on chewy, fruit-flavored brains, feet, fingers, ears and eyeballs."  Gimme candy - ALWAYS!

TWILIGHT HOTEL HORROR COMIC BOOK "Enjoy this original horror comic - the first installment in a four-volume set - about the deadly Twilight Hotel.  The 100-year-old establishment is possessed by an ancient evil that manipulates its visitors into committing unspeakable acts." LOVING the graphics in this one!

"SOMETIMES DEAD IS BETTER" PRINT "Ponder Stephen King's words of wisdom from his classic Pet Sematary with this on-of-a-kind art print hanging on your wall. It's King, enough said.

You also get TWO, not one, but TWO ebooks!  I'm SO thrilled with these choices - not only do we get inside the mind of John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer I used to do lots of research on, but we also get a horror novel about killer kids! EEP!  One of the scariest things I (love) to read about!

BURIED DREAMS by TIME CAHILL "Peer into the dark life of John Wayne Gacy - from his abusive childhood to his serial murder spree - in Tim Cahill's chilling study, based on four years of investigative reporting.

THE SOPATHS by PIERS ANTHONY "Born without souls, sopaths are children who lie, cheat, and murder to get what they want.  Author Piers Anthony conjures a terrifying vision of "man's inhumanity to man" in this tale, inspired by real-life events." 

For more information, go to their WEBSITE
Subscription information can be found HERE

Honestly, I'm thrilled with this box - a wide variety of things that I absolutely LOVE.  They offer a bimonthly box so you get one every couple of months instead of every month, giving you plenty of time to enjoy each box you get.

Get $5 off your order with promo code HALLOWEEN5 if you purchase by 11/8!

Happy subscribing my friends!

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