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Thursday, October 5, 2017

BOOK MAIL: Drowning Above Water by Alyssa Herron @dark_yarn

Drowning Above Water
by Alyssa Herron

🎆 Available Now 🎆

Huge thanks to the author for this copy! 

About the Book:

A young, troubled girl, who is hooked on drugs and headed for death is trafficked to America from Poland by her own mother, in a last attempt to save the girl’s life. The girl becomes a woman, spending twenty years as a sex worker, when she becomes pregnant. It becomes her mission to return to her home across the ocean, to give her child to the only one who ever loved her. If she can deliver her baby away from harm and into the arms of love, maybe there is hope for her own peace. Maybe if she can save a life, the pain of her own living was worth it.

About the Author:

Alyssa Herron is a writer of all trades. She is known for her pitch-black comedy yarns and sarcastic humor pieces, but she loves, loves, loves, sad stories. As a playwright, her works have been produced at multiple regional theatres. She is also a published poet and a spoken word performer. She is a short story author, with a piece included in the Deli Counter of Justice anthology. Her short and full-length screenplays have advanced to final consideration in both local and national competitions, including the Sundance Institute. She is also a film and stage actor. Her ramblings can be found at Her son just wishes she was better at video games. They live in artistic chaos outside Pittsburgh.

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