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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Review: Gone To See The River Man by Kristopher Triana

Gone To See The River Man
by Kristopher Triana

Don't you just love it when your reader friends surprises you with a book that they say you MUST READ?  I certainly do so thank you, Tali @escapereality4now, for this horror novella - what a way to kick off 2022!

Publisher: Grindhouse Press
Publish Date: October 6, 2020
180 Pages
Genre: Horror, Novella

Super fans. Groupies. Stalkers.

These people will give anything for the idols they worship, be they rock stars, actors or authors. Or even serial killers.

Lori is just such a fanatic. Her obsession is with Edmund Cox, a man of sadistic cruelty who butchered more than twenty women. She’s gone so far as to forge a relationship with him, visiting him in prison and sending him letters on a regular basis. She will do anything to get close to him, so when he gives her a task, she eagerly accepts it.

She has no idea of the horror that awaits her.

My Review:

I have never understood the obsession with serial killers... ok, I should rephrase that as I actually DO understand it but not to the extreme of falling "in love" with them and wanting to do anything they wanted.  That's just a little.... extra. But hey, let's meet Lori - she's desperate to go find the River Man per Edmund's instructions.  Who's Edmund? Only one of the most prolific serial killers who brutally kills women - mainly Asian women. Meep.

This starts Lori on a journey that she has no chance of coming back from.  And she has to take Abby, her older sister who cannot take of herself on her own.  Strange things start to happen and she debates with herself whether she should continue ... until she reaches a point where there's absolutely no stopping her.  Along the way we get to learn about her sordid past and her relationships with her siblings, slowly peeling back the layers of her skin to get to the messy insides. 

Be careful what you wish for.  It just might come true.  And we all know that the truth hurts more than anything else.  Triana brings us on a very visceral journey that in only 180 pages really packs a stabbing.  I don't know if I expected more grotesque scenes or maybe it felt "tame" compared to some extreme horror novellas I've read lately.  But really I felt this was definitely a character study on Lori and her inner demons. Bless her little fucked up heart.

What a way to start 2022. 😈


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