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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Review: Find Me by Alafair Burke #ATBR2022

Find Me
by Alafair Burke
narrated by Kathleen Early

Thank you Harper for these gifted books!

Publisher: Harper/Harper Audio
Publish Date: January 11, 2022
8 hrs 57 min
Series: Ellie Hatcher #6
Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Some pasts won’t stay forgotten....

She calls herself Hope Miller, but she has no idea who she actually is. Fifteen years ago, she was found in a small New Jersey town thrown from an overturned vehicle, with no clue to her identity. Doctors assumed her amnesia was a temporary side effect of her injuries, but she never regained her memory. Hope eventually started a new life with a new name in a new town that welcomed her, yet always wondered what she may have left behind - or been running from. Now, she’s leaving New Jersey to start over once again.

Manhattan defense lawyer Lindsay Kelly, Hope’s best friend and the one who found her after the accident, understands why Hope wants a fresh beginning. But she worries how her friend will fare in her new East Hampton home, far away from everything familiar. Lindsay’s worst fears are confirmed when she discovers Hope has vanished without a trace - the only lead a drop of blood found where she was last seen. Even more ominously, the blood matches a DNA sample with a connection to a notorious Kansas murderer.

With nowhere else to turn, Lindsay calls NYPD homicide detective Ellie Hatcher, the daughter of the cop who dedicated his life to hunting the Kansas killer. Ellie has always believed there was more to the story of her father’s death 20 years earlier - and she now fears that Hope’s recent disappearance could be related.

In pursuit of answers, the women hunt for the truth beneath long-buried secrets. And when their searches converge, what they find will upend everything they’ve ever known.

My Review:

Welcome to the sixth book in the Ellie Hatcher series. I never would've even known as I don't think she played much of a part in FIND ME, and this book is focused on Lindsay and Hope.  So, I *think* you could read this as a standalone!

This is my second Burke book and FIND ME is just as binge worthy as The Better Sister was!  Burke has a way of writing that keeps you interested in the storyline.  I listened to the audiobook and found the narrator to be fun and was impressed with the quick roll over from accent to accent! For some reason this really stood out to me.  

FIND ME is definitely a plot driven book with many characters.  I'm not sure I'm entirely sold on the entire plot to be honest and wasn't particularly thrilled with the ending.  I did enjoy the courtroom drama parts and found Lindsay's tenacity quite enjoyable.  For Hope being the missing woman, I felt particularly nothing for her. 🤷  I dunno, y'all, something just didn't seem "seamless" here.  However, this was a fun, binge of a read and I'm really glad I listened to this while running errands, etc.  If you like light thrillers that are plot driven, this is definitely a book for you.  


Jessica's Review:

This is my third book by Burke and I’ll always be amazed at how well she can craft together a suspenseful thriller each time. FIND ME is actually book six in the Ellie Hatcher series, which I wasn’t aware of until I read a few reviews upon finishing the book. So if you’re a fan of her series, then this is one you’ll definitely want to pick up, and that also makes it quite apparent that you don’t need to have read the series in order to enjoy this book!

In the thriller genre, the amnesia plot can be overdone and feel extremely repetitive and very predictable. I’m happy to report that this wasn’t the case with FIND ME. While some things didn’t completely work for me as a reader there were still plenty of twists and pieces that I hadn’t seen coming. I was entertained from start to finish and I felt that the pacing was perfect to keep you flipping those pages and there weren’t any lulls. Definitely recommend and will be looking for my fourth book by Burke very soon!

3.5 stars

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