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Friday, January 7, 2022

Review: One of the Good Ones by Maika Moulite & Maritza Moulite

One of the Good Ones
by Maika Moulite & Maritza Moulite

Thank you to Inkyard Press/Harlequin Books for this gifted copy.

Publisher: Inkyard Press
Publish Date: January 18, 2022
352 Pages
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary


When teen social activist and history buff Kezi Smith is killed under mysterious circumstances after attending a social justice rally, her devastated sister Happi and their family are left reeling in the aftermath. As Kezi becomes another immortalized victim in the fight against police brutality, Happi begins to question the idealized way her sister is remembered. Perfect. Angelic.

One of the good ones.

Even as the phrase rings wrong in her mind—why are only certain people deemed worthy to be missed?—Happi and her sister Genny embark on a journey to honor Kezi in their own way, using an heirloom copy of The Negro Motorist Green Book as their guide. But there’s a twist to Kezi’s story that no one could’ve ever expected—one that will change everything all over again.

My Review:

What a powerful and poignant read.  My first into the sisters Moulite's writing and I will certainly be looking forward to more from these two.  In this young adult, contemporary read, we are faced with Kezi, who died following an arrest during a social justice rally.  The authors take us into the days before and after through the POVs of four different characters.

The authors do a sensational job of touching on such important topics such as racism, internally, outwardly and systemic, grief, coming out, Black history and police brutality.  There's a LOT to unpack within this story.  But with these very serious tones, we also get a balance of joy, which is something I feel is necessary these days.  That while the heavy subject MUST be addressed, so should the joy that is within.  I hope that I'm making sense here as proper/better words seem to allude me at the moment.

I will say that I was NOT a fan of the twist for several reasons but I'll keep my mouth shut so as to not spoil anything for anyone.  However, after reading the Authors' Note, I understand better as to why they took the story the direction that they did. This is why I always say to read these notes as they may make a difference in how you see the story after you first turn that last page.

The title is powerful enough in what it stands for and how society and the system works... how people see each other... but I have to agree with the authors.... "shouldn't being human be enough"?  Yes, it absolutely should be.


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