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Friday, January 21, 2022

Review: Cinema 7 by Michael J. Moore


Cinema 7
by Michael J. Moore

Thanks so much to Blackthorn for this gifted book and stop on the blog tour.

Publisher: Hellbound Books Publishing LLC
Publish Date: September 25, 2021
Kindle Edition
445 Pages
Genre: Horror

Something has taken a liking to the children of Mount Vernon, Washington. Its eyes are orange, and glow like fire. Its hissing voice is the autumn wind.

It hovers over them at night, casting snake-like shadows that dance on the walls. It laughs and taunts as they cry in their beds. It says it wants to take them trick-or-treating.

Halloween is in a week.

Kyle McIntosh is hardly aware when the first four kids are abducted, their families slaughtered. Though news-vans litter the streets, his 16-year-old heart has just been broken. Night-after-night, more children are taken. More bodies are left behind.

When Kyle’s little brother claims an orange-eyed monster has been visiting him at night, ignorance ceases to be an option – because their family might just be next.

My Review:

OH hi.  Creepy kids? Yes, please.  Probably one of my favorite types of genres to read are CREEPY KIDS.  Kill them and then have them come back with glowing eyes, weapons and they must kill their own family? SIGN ME UP! 

The opening scene in this book is fantastic and I wanted more and more of this... which probably says a lot about me but um... ahem. Haha.  There were certainly some spooky scenes that could absolutely lend to nightmares.  The visuals I had in certain moments will definitely stick with me for a while.  I will say that I was a little bit disappointed with the love story within.  I could've done without it altogether. And at times, it was hard to tell how old any of these kids were based on their actions and/or dialogue, which could be distracting at times.  And I found the reasoning behind what was happening a little bit... underwhelming. This story could probably have been shorted by 50-100 pages to be honest. Due to these factors I'm going down the middle in my rating here.

What I did enjoy about this read was the fluidity and the concept... again, killer, creepy kids! At times it gave me little Children of the Corn, NO4A2 creepy kid vibes (but this story is completely different then both.... just go with me here!).  If you like this type of horror as much as I do, come and get it.  And watch your kids and/or younger siblings closely. 😉


About the Author

Michael J Moore’s books include :

  • After the Change (published by MKM Bridge Press), a horror novel placed on the Bram Stoker Preliminary Ballot 2019 for Superior Achievement in a Novel

  • Highway Twenty (a horror novel published by HellBound Books)

  • Secret Harbor (a thriller, published by HellBound Books).

His work has appeared in Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Horrorzine Magazine, Schlock Magazine, Minutes Before Six, Terror House Magazine, Siren’s Call Magazine, Black Petals Horror/Science Fiction Magazine, HellBound Books anthology “Ghosts, Spirits and Specters”, The Electric Press, Dissections The Journal of Contemporary Horror, Soteira Press Anthology “What Monsters Do For Love”, The Point Magazine, The Huffington Post, Carecovidartresource, has been adapted for theater and produced in the Seattle area, is used as curriculum at the University of Washington and has received an Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest.

Michael also has short stories released by Rainfall Books, Horror Tree – Trembling with Fear, Transmundane Press, The University of Chicago, Awakenings Review, Fox Hollow Stories and Scribe Magazine.

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