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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Blog Tour & Review: The Secretary by Britney King

The Secretary
by Britney King

Publisher: Hot Banana Press
Publish Date: January 20, 2022
Kindle Edition
242 Pages
Genre: Psychological Thriller

The job comes with a lot of perks. A mysterious new boss is one of them. His deep pockets don’t hurt.

In her first week, Gillian finds a note on her desk with two boxes and a question: Will you have dinner with me?

Check yes or no.

It was easily the best night of her whole young life. 

The second note arrived looking very much the same, only different.

Do you have what it takes to be in my world?

Gillian has been asked to handle a lot of tasks in her work.

But covering up a murder might be the strangest one yet.

Check yes or no. 

She can check yes and face prison time. Hypothetically.

No, and she finds out why the job was vacant in the first place.

Tautly paced, The Secretary is an unnerving and electrifying psychological thriller about illusion, passion, and the dangerous places ambition can take you. Full of enough tension and twists to make even the most seasoned suspense reader break out in a cold sweat, it keeps you guessing until the very last page.

My Review:

Did you like this book?  Check Yes or No.

I am a long time King fan and will continue to read whatever she throws out into the reading world.  Her stories are binge worthy and just thrillery goodness from start to finish.  Sadly, The Secretary didn't quite work for me as well her past books have... but this was bound to happen considering the volume of her work that I have read.

At just 242 pages, your fingers will FLY through these pages.  I am instantly enthralled with Gillian and her terrible decision making but if she made good ones then the story would not have been as much fun. *wink*  And I do love that King incorporated the silly notes we used to get as kids where we had to check yes or no if we liked someone... however, put this in a "professional" setting from the main man, the big boss himself... well, I'm not sure if that wouldn't be the first red flag.  And then she "volunteers" for the what and the why and the HOW?! Yeah, that's a hard pass for me - hahahah but I hold nothing against Gillian, though I wanted to shake her repeatedly at times.

For the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed this read and the fast pacing.  However, I do think that's happened at an incredibly too fast of a pace that there were parts that needed expanding.  I wanted more about Ellis, about the company, about Gillian and her past. If you a quick popcorn thriller of a read you can devour in one short sitting, grab yourself a copy and go into it for pure entertainment.


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