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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Review: Bloodlines: Four Tales of Familial Fear

Bloodlines: Four Tales of Familial Fear
by Christopher O'Halloran, Antony Frost, Carson Winter & Alex Wolfgang

Publisher: AFM Press
Publish Date: January 11, 2022
Kindle Edition
Genre: Horror, Anthology, Short Stories

If you’ve ever dreaded a family dinner, felt terror at the blood pumping in your veins; if you’ve ever thought maybe the people you call kin just aren’t quite right—Bloodlines will hold you in its thrall with its literary daring, blood-soaked wit, and taste for carnage. From quiet horror to caterwauling bloodshed, this quadruple feature is fun for the whole family.

A trio of sisters take turns sharing a migraine that challenges their pain tolerance—and sanity ("Our Migraine," Christopher O’Halloran).

A man struggles with his inheritance when his absent father—and namesake—dies, leaving him with disturbing visions and an unwanted purpose ("Nos Da, Tad," Antony Frost).

A young ghost watches a sinister family gathering complete with a prettier, smarter replica of herself—then, makes sure it’s their last ("I Am Not to be Replaced," Carson Winter).

Following the death of his mother, the eldest of five siblings must uncover the true nature of his family’s strange, isolated existence while an apocalyptic event looms ("The Heads of Leviathan," Alex Wolfgang).

This is where the family tree meets the family plot. This is Bloodlines. 

My Review:

I saw the cover and HAD TO HAVE IT. What's scarier than your own family? 😉 Give me four novelettes of family fear and well, I'm SOLD.

These four stories center around family (duh) and these very different and fun horror tellings that will definitely have you side eyeing everyone around the dinner table... and then some. My favorite was the first story, "Our Migraine".  The concept and delivery was just *chef's kiss* and a fantastic start to this 4 story horror anthology. Bookended by "The Heads of Leviathan", which was so out there but a wonderful delivery for the final of the four.  The two in the middle, "Nos Da, Tad" and "I Will Not Be Replaced" were a bit more intricate in the lessons within.  

I don't want to say too much as I felt even the descriptions were a bit "telling" .. however, even when you think you know what's happening, each story takes a sharp turn and are brilliant in their own right.  Family horror is impactful in that each person can relate to some part and make you question just how far nurture can take you... 

I feel a bit stunted in writing this review as it's hard to not spoil it all but I found each and every story unique and wonderful.  


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