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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

BOOK: The Cool Kids by Jason Pellegrini @jpellegrini1983

The Cool Kids
by Jason Pellegrini

❈ Available NOW ❈

You guys and gals may remember me talking about this author when I read and reviewed his book, Booth, earlier this year.  You can find my review for that one HERE.  I am now the proud owner of his newest work, the novella, The Cool Kids!  Scroll below for the synopsis, snippet about the author and all the links to his social media.  

Goodreads Synopsis:

Growing up, Kevin Ford was never considered one of the cool kids. He was the unathletic son of a father who had been the star of his college football team and the scrawny younger sibling of two brothers who loved to torment him. To his peers, he was far from being considered popular. 

Kevin had two best friends, though. One afternoon in the summer of 1994, they showed up unannounced at his front door with a secret mission. What Kevin figured was going to be an average summer day with his friends turned into an adventure like no other. The three of them entered the woods and sought out a forgotten ancient myth. 

Now, nearly a quarter century later, Kevin finds himself reminiscing about that August day. As he’s about to enter a new stage of his life, he looks to his past to help give him the strength to face what lies ahead.

About the Author:

Jason Pellegrini is an award winning author from Levittown, New York. His works include Booth, The Cool Kids and The Replacement.

Find him here:

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