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Friday, September 15, 2017

REVIEW: The Songs in Our Hearts by Chantal Gadoury @cgadoury16 @48fourteen

The Songs in Our Hearts
by Chantal Gadoury
48fourteen Publishing

🔥 Releasing 9/19/17 🔥
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Synopsis from Goodreads:

High school junior Charlie Blake has never seen anyone quite like Micah Jacobs in her small town of Grand Lakes. With his carefree spirit, rough-around-the-edges personality, and handsome grin, Charlie is transfixed.

But Charlie's been burned before with her first crush, at the hands of an ex-friend and a cruel joke. Because of those scars, Charlie keeps her guard up when it comes to boys. But a class project - that may or may not involve kissing for the camera! - forces her to not only confront Micah, but her true feelings.

While prepping for the assignment, Charlie finds herself in Micah's car accompanied by the music of Journey, Elvis, The Cars, and Peter Gabriel. Between slushies, burning rafts, pizza, and great music, Charlie and Micah bond as she learns the importance of letting go of the past and opening herself to new people.

When their project comes to an end, Charlie wonders if she should finally confess everything she's been denying before she loses the chance. When words fail, will the songs in her heart be enough?

My Review:

If I'm going to veer out of my normal genre reads, it's usually in the YA area... but typically not contemporary romance.  I knew going into this book it was going to be your typical high school crush scenario where you knew what the ending was going to be.  What I didn't expect was how absolutely adorable this read was going to be!!  

Charlie has had one bad experience with a mean girl in class and a crush she had.  And in high school, this is scarring!  So when she meets Micah and people tell him she has a crush on him, she's mortified.  He approaches her and she does everything, mentally and physically, to convince herself, and him, that she doesn't.  Getting paired up with him on a school project doesn't help the situation.  She's more worried about being hurt and what others think to realize she's probably missing out on something great.

The chapter headings being songs were so adorable.  I'll admit that I didn't know half of them so it took me a while to realize what was going on with them. 🤣  And I loved the nods to songs from my childhood...  which did make me feel old at times in this book... but back to the story!  Also, having them talk through texting for a lot of the time, which is extremely realistic, was fun to read. 

With a little bit of a mean girls vibe, the building of the relationship of Micah and Charlie had me read this book in one sitting.  By the end of it, I was hoping that one day... ONE DAYYYYYY... I will find this love that they did.  Who cares if it's a high school romance that probably won't last.  Am I cynical?  Ha!  Probably.  But do I believe in romance and want someone who accepts my difficultness and appreciates the soundtrack of our lives to spend the rest of our days together?  Why yes, yes I do.

Thank you SO much to the author, Chantal Gadoury for this copy.  If you love YA contemporary romance... or even consider trying one for a quick, easy and cute read that will take you back to high school, but in a best way?  Then get your copy asap!


About the Author:

Chantal Gadoury is a young author who is originally from the countryside of Muncy, PA. Chantal likes anything Disney, plays a mean game of Disney trivia, enjoys painting and has a interest in British History. Chantal first started writing stories at the age of seven and continues that love of writing today. As a recent college graduate from Susquehanna University, with a degree in Creative Writing, writing novels is a dream come true.

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