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Friday, September 22, 2017

BOOK MAIL: The Genius Plague by David Walton @pyr_books #davidwalton

The Genius Plague
by David Walton
Pyr Books / Prometheus Books

🎆 Releasing 10/3/17 🎆

Huge thanks to Pyr Books for this copy! 

About the Book:

What if the pandemic you thought would kill you made you more intelligent instead? In the Amazon jungle, a disease is spreading. To those who survive, it grants enhanced communication, memory, and pattern recognition. But the miracle may be the sinister survival mechanism of a fungal organism, manipulating the infected into serving it.

Paul Johns, a mycologist, is convinced the fungal host is the next stage of human evolution, while his brother Neil, an analyst at the NSA, is committed to its destruction. Is the human race the master in this symbiotic relationship, or are we becoming the pawns of a subtly dominating and utterly alien intelligence?

About the Author:

David Walton is the author of the international bestseller SUPERPOSITION, a quantum physics murder mystery, and its sequel, SUPERSYMMETRY. David's first novel, TERMINAL MIND, won the 2008 Philip K. Dick Award for the best SF paperback published in the United States for that year. In his latest book, THE GENIUS PLAGUE, a pandemic threatens to destabilize world governments by exerting a subtle mind control over survivors.

"David Walton is one of our very best writers of science-fiction thrillers"
--Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Quantum Night

"This is the way sci-fi ought to be.”

David lives near Philadelphia with his wife and seven children.

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