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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Review: Ski Weekend by Rektok Ross

Ski Weekend
by Rektok Ross

Thanks to SparkPress for this gifted book.

Publisher: SparkPress
Publish Date: October 26, 2021
280 Pages
Genres: Young Adult, Thriller

Six teens, one dog, a ski trip gone wrong . . .

Sam is dreading senior ski weekend and having to watch after her brother and his best friend, Gavin, to make sure they don’t do anything stupid. Again. Gavin may be gorgeous, but he and Sam have never gotten along. Now they’re crammed into an SUV with three other classmates and Gavin’s dog, heading on a road trip that can’t go by fast enough.

Then their SUV crashes into a snowbank, and Sam and her friends find themselves stranded in the mountains with cell phone coverage long gone and temperatures dropping. When the group gets sick of waiting for rescue, they venture outside to find help—only to have a wilderness accident leave Sam’s brother with a smashed leg and, soon, a raging fever. While the hours turn to days, Sam’s brother gets sicker and sicker, and their food and supplies dwindle until there isn’t enough for everyone. As the winter elements begin to claim members of the group one by one, Sam vows to keep her brother alive.

No matter what.

Filled with twists, secrets, and life-changing moments, Ski Weekend is a snow-packed survival thriller featuring a diverse cast of teens that will appeal to fans of One of Us is Lying and I Am Still Alive.

My Review:

This isn't a terrible story and as much as I love YA and YA thrillers, there's just not enough thrill for me.  And when the Asian girl in the story who is studying during this entire epic trapped in a car in the middle of a blizzard thing says she won't eat her friends but isn't above eating the dog... well, that was just too much for me and so I DNF at the halfway mark.

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