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Monday, October 4, 2021

Review: The Keepers of Metsan Valo by Wendy Webb

The Keepers of Metsan Valo
by Wendy Webb

Thank you Lake Union Publishing for this gifted book.

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Publish Date: October 5, 2021
316 Pages
Genre: Gothic Suspense

In Metsan Valo, her family home on Lake Superior, Anni Halla’s beloved grandmother has died. Among her fond memories, what Anni remembers most vividly is her grandmother’s eerie yet enchanting storytelling. By firelight she spun tall tales of spirits in the nearby forest and waters who could heal—or harm—on a whim. But of course those were only stories…

The reading of the will now occasions a family reunion. Anni and her twin brother, their almost otherworldly mother, and relatives Anni hasn’t seen in forever—some with good reason—are all brought back together under one roof that strains to hold all their tension. But it’s not just Annie’s family who is unsettled. Whispers wind through the woods. Laughter bursts from bubbling streams. Raps from unseen hands rupture on the walls. Fireflies swarm and nightmares stir. With each odd occurrence, Anni fears that her return has invited less a welcoming and more a warning.

When another tragedy strikes near home, Anni must dive headfirst into the mysterious happenings to discover the truth about her home, her family, and the wooded island’s ancient lore. Plunging into the past may be the only way to save her family from whatever bedevils Metsan Valo.

My Review:

If you love folklore and gothic suspense then I have the perfect read for you! Welcome to THE KEEPERS OF METSAN VALO. Beware creepy laughter, raps at the doors and a house that is as full of character as the people it holds within.

Recently I've had a few sleepwalking incidents but if I ever woke up in a forest, I think my heart would stop... well, as soon as I stopped screaming.  Especially since I live in NYC and well... waking up in a forest would be quite confusing and scary.  And then to get bombarded with fireflies?  I know they are essentially harmless but bugs are bugs and NO THANK YOU. NOPE. Don't want it. Byeeeeeeeeee.  But these things along with this huge house really sets up the suspense and keeps you wondering... supernatural? Magic? Are Taika's stories coming to life? GIVE ME ALL THE FOLKLORE PLEASE.  At the very least, this book delivers on atmospheric tension.  It truly shines here.

I also had the pleasure of chatting with the author via IG Live last night and really loved where she gets her ideas for her books.  Being inspired from her own Finnish ancestry... and as well all know and love, most folklore is creepy in its origins.  I live for this stuff!  The pacing starts off strong and then lulls towards the middle but then picks right back up. Folklore, ancestry, familial obligation and the ups and downs every family goes through in their own way... 

I'll certainly be picking up more from Webb and can't wait to see characters visiting throughout each read.


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