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Friday, October 1, 2021

Review: 2222 by Felix I.D. Dimaro

by Felix I.D. Dimaro

Thanks to the kind author for this gifted book.  

Publisher: Infinity Road Press
Publish Date: May 16, 2021
250 Pages
Genres: Dystopia, Science Fiction

The year is 2222, and the world’s a crowded place.
Over the last century there has been an unprecedented global population explosion. Nearly every country on Earth is teeming with citizens who can't be housed or cared for. The solution to this problem? The invention of Satellite Cities. Man-made islands used to build sky-high slums. Places where the dregs of society go to live… to slowly die.

Borne of the teachings of Adolf Hitler, an extremist militant group called the Sons of the Swastika are set to achieve their goals of population control and racial purity when they uncover a centuries old Nazi Doomsday machine called The Reset Button. A weapon that will wipe the world clear of half of its population.

Doom seems inevitable until a revolutionary scientist discovers a way to prevent this devastation from occurring. The plan is to go back in time and bring a monster forward. A monster who is the only person in history known to be aware of how to stop The Reset Button. Because he was the one responsible for its creation.

Will bringing forward one of the cruelest monsters from the past help save the future? Or will it prove to be a huge mistake? Only time will tell…

My Review:

I don't read a ton of science fiction but I couldn't say no to Dimaro and the concept of this story.  Set 200 years in the future (hence the title), everything that we see today has catapulted into our worst case scenario.  Over population, food sources deplenished, cities going under water... we have fought the Earth with our selfishness and have lost.  And with that, the Sons of the Swastika are ready to purify the population and cut it in half.  UFF.  We all know about Hitler and the Nazi's... and we all know that there is still a huge group who still, at present day, think along these lines and ... yeah, I'm not gonna go there as I'd like my Friday to be less angry. Haha. 

Dimaro brings us a future that is all too realistic... and a story where traveling to the past can help rectify the future.  But can it?  Any change to the past can alter everything and without knowing if the results will actually be better... it's a crap shoot and I do not envy Lincoln, Desmond and Stowe and their "assignment". Desmond is our main character and the opening of the book tested me a little on whether I'd like this novel or not as I grew quickly to getting annoyed at reading "my future self" so many times.  But alas, I hadn't had my coffee yet so... *wink*.  I did love the relationships amongst the three and probably one of my favorite scenes is when they go to *release* themselves.  Stowe's scene honestly had me cracking up in the best way. My other favorite scene was towards the very end with one shot.  HELL YES. And that ending was perfect.

Let's also discuss the illustrations.  Personally, I love this cover and the art within was amazing and fun to find peppered within the pages.  I am also impressed with the various genres Dimaro writes in and love seeing his writing grow with each book.  I've some great conversations with him and one of the things I love about his books is that he's not afraid to face things head on and spin it into his writing.  It's a release I think we all can understand.  Goodness me, I certainly don't hope that this is where our country/world is headed but unfortunately I fear it's not too far off.  Well, maybe no the Blue Void but hell, you never know!


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