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Friday, October 22, 2021

Review: The House of Tongues by James Dashner

The House of Tongues
by James Dashner
Narrated by Malcolm Hillgartner

Thanks NetGalley and Tantor Audio for this amazing gifted audiobook.

Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publish Date: October 21, 2021
12 hrs 22 min
Genre: Horror

There's no synopsis other than stating this is a new must-listen novel from the author.

My Review:

You'll know Dashner's name mostly from The Maze Runner series, which I enjoyed.. but the series that is still my favorite is The Mortality Doctrine and I HIGHLY recommend this trilogy - especially for those who loved Ready Player One. Anyhoooooooooooo....

When I saw THE HOUSE OF TONGUES was available through NetGalley and is only available on audio, I was SO happy that I finally could listen to audiobooks and thrilled to see something new by Dashner and boy does he deliver!!! And the narrator, Malcolm Hillgartner is AMAZING and truly brings this story to life.

Told through David Partner's eyes only, we go back and forth from 1989 to 2017 in South Carolina where at a young age he comes eye to eye with a killer and makes a decision he has to deal with for the rest of his life.  Fast forward, he's in his 40s with kids of his own.  The past has come to haunt him and he will do whatever he has to to protect his own.  Little does he know, there are some things you just cannot run from and some secrets you wish you never knew.

Y'all!!!  I can't express how much I LOVE the way this author writes.  Riddled with levity and family love - you can just feel how much he loves his children and he reminded me of my Dad with his humor and ways of showing his love.  I especially love his relationship with his best friend, Andrea. AND the story behind the story... well, somehow I was NOT expecting that but I was here for it!

You just can't seem to go wrong with anything by this author.  Go snag a copy ASAP!


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