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Friday, October 29, 2021

Review: Human Tenderloin by Craig Wallwork

Human Tenderloin
by Craig Wallwork

Thanks so much to Underbelly Books for this gifted copy.

Publisher: Underbelly Books
Publish Date: September 15, 2021
Kindle Edition
226 Pages
Genres: Horror, Short Stories

A prematurely ageing girl learns to fly during the end of the world. A husband makes the ultimate sacrifice for his dying wife. Two brothers endure a rainstorm that lasts five years. A father tries to save his daughter from a sleeping epidemic. A man books into a hotel where the guests check in but never check out. A group of fine-dining cannibals worry where their next meal will come from. And a grieving mother goes in search of ghosts in a haunted house.

Human Tenderloin is a collection of horror stories with heart. Some will goose the skin. Others will leave you bloated with terror. But each one will stay with you.

My Review:

As most of y'all probably know, anthologies and short story collections are such a hit or miss for me that for a while I wasn't reading any.  I felt it always landed in the middle area as some stories within the pages I loved and others not so much.  But sometimes you see a cover and title and you just can't say no. And so here we are and I'm so glad.

Horror covers a variety of genres and Wallwork hits a lot of them in this collection. Favorites: Farewell Valencia, Human Tenderloin and Rosemary and Time.  Honorable mentions: Dollhouse and They Were Born Without Faces.  Though if I had to choose an absolute favorite of them, it would definitely be Farewell Valencia. I'm going to be looking at everyone's shoes from now on.

Regardless of whether I loved the story or was just meh about it, there's no taking away from the brilliant way in which Wallwork writes.  It's almost as if I could feel the pages palpitating. The stories within just as beautiful and creepy as the cover that holds them.

Want gruesome and bloody horror? Want the subtle fear and weary dread of what's to come? Paranormal your jam? It's all in here.  There's bound to be a story or seven you're going to love. So get on it, but you may want to keep the lights on.


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