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Thursday, January 3, 2019

SPOTLIGHT: Twisted Fate by Dana Miller @danam_miller

Twisted Fate
by Dana Miller

Laina Jorden's Shakespeare-themed Staten Island bookstores is on the brink of failure.  She can barely drag herself out of bed before lunch.  She rarely picks up after herself, and she's lost her belief in fate ever since her childhood sweetheart moved away, leaving her broken-hearted.  Any man she meets is quickly kicked to the curb; they can't compare to Jared.  But when Laina's zany roommate forces her to attend his cousin's wedding, she finds herself walking down the aisle as an emergency bridesmaid in a dress meant for a woman nine months pregnant.  Even after drinking too much and setting her dress on fire, Laina manages to catch Mason's eye.  But a few month later, while she's meeting his family in the Bahamas, Laina realizes that Mason's stepbrother, JP, is none other than her old flame Jared.  Is it too late to untangle the web she's twisted in?  Determined to find true happiness, Laina must uncover secrets and balance friendship against love as she fights to regain her destiny.

DANA MILLER graduated from Wilkes University with an MFA in creative writing, concentrating in fiction and screenwriting.

When she isn’t reading and writing, she spends most of her free time enjoying the outdoors, snuggling with her two Sphynx cats, indulging in way too much sushi, watching sappy romantic comedies, obsessing over Pride and Prejudice, and creating recipes for her food blog, The Dainty Green Apron

She wrote her first book in the second grade as part of a class project, and kept going from there.

The idea for Twisted Fate was inspired while vacationing in Paradise Island, and it was there that most of the first draft was written and the characters were brought to life.

Though she grew up in Staten Island, NY, she fell in love with Pennsylvania while attending graduate school. Surrounded by creativity, she immediately knew she wanted to move to the area. Shortly thereafter, she met her fiancé, and decided to put down her roots.

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