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Thursday, January 10, 2019

REVIEW: Ricochet Joe by Dean Koontz @deankoontz

Ricochet Joe 
by Dean Koontz

Publisher: Amazon Original Stories
Publish Date: December 28, 2017

Kindle Edition
95 Pages
Genres: Science Fiction, Short Stories

Can an ordinary guy make extraordinary choices in a battle between humanity and unearthly evil?
Joe Mandel is a perfectly ordinary guy from a perfectly ordinary town—a college student and community volunteer who dreams of one day publishing a novel. When a series of strange intuitions leads him to a crime in progress, Joe jumps headlong into danger without hesitation. In the aftermath, he wonders about the uncanny impulse that suddenly swept over him.
Until new friend Portia Montclair, the strangely wise daughter of the local police chief, explains to him what sent him ricocheting around town like a crazy pinball. Portia tells of another reality, a reality more thrilling—and terrifying—than Joe ever imagined. Timeless, elemental forces of good and evil have come to the quiet town of Little City: a cosmic entity capable of infecting human beings, and the seeker who has chosen Joe to find it.
To stop the malevolent invader, this average Joe must be braver than he ever thought possible…and face the hardest decisions of his life.
My Review:
I saw this on Kindle Unlimited, which I finally decided to give a go for a month during the free trial, and well, it's Koontz so I couldn't pass it up!  It has graphics and photos riddled throughout that while didn't enhance my reading experience, was fun to see here and there throughout this short read.
Ordinary Joe becomes not so ordinary.  Has no idea where he wants to go in life and then meets Portia and automatically knows that wherever he goes, he'd like for her to be there.  Then this book goes from ordinary to parallel universes because time is not as linear as we all like to think it is and now there's a parasite and a good versus evil type "war" to be fought.  
A cute ordinary to extraordinary fella who has to make the tough decision and hope that the decision he makes is the right one - and who knows - maybe in another world, it is.

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