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Saturday, January 19, 2019

REVIEW: Stirring The Sheets by Chad Lutze @ChadLutzke #bloodshotbooks

Stirring The Sheets 
by Chad Lutze

Publisher: Bloodshot Books
Publish Date: April 13, 2018
130 Pages
Genre: Horror

An elderly funeral home worker, struggling with the loss of his wife, finds an unnatural attraction to a corpse at work resembling his late bride in her younger years.

A story of desperation, loneliness and letting go.

My Review:

My first read from the Night Worms January package and this little ditty packs a walloping punch. Emmett is a character you just feel for right from the beginning.  How do you cope when the person you love has passed - where is your identity now when it's been tied to someone for so many years?

In a manner of just over 100 pages, Lutzke brings us through Emmett just living to live.  Working in a mortuary for decades and taking care of the dead... how does he now take care of himself.... and we see him go through the various feelings... when he allows himself to feel.  

Seriously, this does pulls on your heart strings.  The ending is everything and while novellas sometimes tend to leave me wanting, this one satiates and I'm leaving a very happy girl.


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