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Saturday, November 11, 2017

#allthebookreviews: Full Service Blonde by Megan Edwards @meganedwards @imbrifexbooks

Full Service Blonde
by Megan Edwards
Imbrifex Books


A working girl is found dead in the desert. Can a calendar girl uncover the truth? 
In this prequel to GETTING OFF ON FRANK SINATRA, it's Christmastime in Sin City. Aspiring journalist Copper Black meets Victoria McKimber, an outspoken prostitute at one of Nevada's legal brothels. She's offered Copper the exclusive right to tell her story. Not only will the Las Vegas Light's -calendar girl- get a byline, but she can also impress her boyfriend and parents when they arrive for the holidays. 

Copper is busy with work, Christmas shopping, and fantasizing about a whole week with her long-distance boyfriend. She's also helping her brother, a civic-minded pastor who is spearheading plans for a new center to serve the homeless. Things are hectic but under control when shocking news breaks. Victoria McKimber has turned up dead. 

As she investigates the violent death, Copper evades enemies, juggles boyfriend, work, and family, and races against time to save her brother from a sinister plot. Unless she can expose the truth about Victoria McKimber, somebody just might get away with murder.

My Thoughts:

I got to know Copper Black in Getting off on Frank Sinatra .. see my review HERE.  She's a feisty journalist with an attitude I absolutely adore and a sense of humor I can laugh out loud to.  I can see being real life friends with her.  Here we are at a prequel to the Frank Sinatra book and we get to see how Copper fell in love with Las Vegas.
Being a girl who goes to Vegas yearly, I can see the absolute ability to fall in love with Sin City... it's not all just gambling, food, and shows, you know.  Legalities are a little different and the people watching is beyond fantastic.  Quite frankly, it's not that much different than NYC in my eyes. 

We get a glimpse into Copper's personal life a bit more in this book - her relationships with her parents, her first love and her new co-workers.  Beyond that, she tries to throw away all preconceived notions and do right by a prostitute - whether she believes in the morality of her work or not.  All of this is done with a sharp sense of humor and the all too real struggle of trying to balance all parts of a busy life in a new city.  Who HASN'T been there?

It's fun to see her get into her groove with her journalistic research and prowess as she gets comfortable with her somewhat sexist co-workers.  She continually convinces herself with each move towards solving this murder mystery that this is definitely the job for her and that Vegas is absolutely the place she should be. 

A moderately paced, fun mystery sprinkled with humor and life.  I look forward to seeing where Copper ends up in future adventures.

4 Stars!

Jessica's Thoughts:

Earlier this year I read Megan Edwards' book GETTING OFF ON FRANK SINATRA and I fell in love with Copper Black. She was such a fun character and it was refreshing to read a mystery and crime fiction novel that wasn't from a detective's point of view. Copper is a journalist and she manages to find herself tangled up in murder cases. FULL SERVICE BLONDE is the prequel to the series and we get to know Copper and how she got her start.
Copper Black is an aspiring journalist - she moved herself out to Las Vegas to work at a newspaper. She's only the Calendar Girl and gets coffee, but she has high hopes in finding a story so that she can finally get her byline. Enter Victoria McKimber. Victoria is stirring up some controversy in the media - she was the top saleswoman for a make up brand (think Mary Kay) and even won their pageant. However, it was later found out that she was a working girl prior to entering the pageant. She wants to tell her story and she has given Copper the exclusive rights to do so. However, when Victoria turns up brutally murdered, Copper finds herself in the middle of the investigation and must release the story so that this killer doesn't get away with murder.
I really enjoyed the mash up of humor in this crime novel. Much like GETTING OFF ON FRANK SINATRA it's a more lighthearted murder and investigation story (if there could be such a thing!). This prequel we get to know Copper better and how she got to where she was in book one. Juggling her family, her long-distance boyfriend, helping her brother, and now trying to get her name out there as a journalist, we get to see how she operates under pressure.
I did like getting the glimpse into the world of legal prostitution in Las Vegas. That's definitely something I knew absolutely nothing about. I've never been to Vegas, and much like book one, I really liked having the scenery set so vividly for me. This book kept a good pace and with a likeable main character, it's hard to not get pulled in!
Overall, if you want a crime fiction novel with some humor then I would highly recommend FULL SERVICE BLONDE (and picking up book one!). I'm definitely hoping for a book three to see what new story Copper Black gets sucked into next.
I give this 5/5 stars!

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