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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Review: The Lost Children by Helen Phifer

The Lost Children by Helen Phifer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Publishing 3/24/17

 Hey everyone!!  Did you know that Bookouture was recently acquired by Hachette UK?  Big congrats to them!!  It's not surprising considering their book choices - I still haven't read one book from them that I didn't love.  Definitely give them a chance, if you haven't yet.  I promise you won't be disappointed!

The Lost Children is another page-turner of a thriller.  Cue all kids and asylums for instant creep factor.  We have a winner here, ladies and gentlemen!

Creepy kids? Check. Asylum? Check. Converse wearing DI? Check. Character named Stephen King? Check! What's not to love? Bookouture is impressive in their thriller choices.

Lucy, coming back after taking some time off from a previous case that rocked her emotionally, is thrown in rapidly with a murder at The Moore Asylum. This abandoned building used to house children back in the 70's who were thrown in for little to no reason by their parents and lobotomies were the new way to be cured. With the increase in body count, Detective Lucy works with her partner, Detective Mattie, to look into the asylum's past. Can Lucy find and stop the murderer before anyone else gets hurt, including herself and her family?

We see through the eyes of Lucy for most of the book with various peeks into the mind of the antagonist, jumping to the past every once in a while to give you a good sense of what horrors happened inside the asylum. The banter between Lucy and Mattie is cute and fun and I wish their friendship had been a little more fleshed out but as the first book in a series, a base was definitely made to see some growth over the course of the next few books, I'm sure. This was a fairly quick read, entertaining from the prologue to the end. While sometimes predictable, fans of thrillers will be very happy with this story. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out and will continue to follow Detective Lucy around on her adventures. Wanna join me?

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