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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#CJSReads 2017 REVIEW: Getting off on Frank Sinatra by Megan Edwards

Getting off on Frank Sinatra by Megan Edwards
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An extremely fun, light entertaining mystery taking you deep into the heart of Las Vegas through Copper Black's messy life.  Enjoyable for those looking for something less suspenseful.  Read below for what #CJSReads thought about it.  Book One of the series - looking forward to seeing what kind of mess Copper puts herself in with Book Two!

Synopsis from Goodreads:

A scorching Las Vegas summer is about to get even hotter. Aspiring journalist Copper Black has just found out that her boyfriend is responsible for his not-quite-ex-wife’s pregnancy. An unexpected house-sitting job at a notorious Las Vegas “party house” should provide not only a private swimming pool but also much-needed distraction.

While researching a story about an exclusive private school, Copper accidentally discovers the dead body of the school’s beloved founder. Now involved in a high-profile murder investigation, Copper turns to her brother, a civic-minded pastor who is overseeing the construction of a center for the homeless. A Paiute medicine man claims the site is a sacred burial ground, attracting hordes of protesters.

As she tries to solve the murder, help her brother, advance her career, and sort out her love life, Copper stirs up a world of trouble. Her escapades as she evades a sociopath, a disturbed cowgirl, and a suspicious homicide detective make Megan Edwards’ rousing debut Getting Off on Frank Sinatra a nonstop roller coaster of a read.

Jessica's Thoughts:
5 / 5 Stars

I really enjoyed this book! It was a great thriller and mystery, while still staying more on the lighthearted side. It wasn't dark and ominous like most thrillers, which was a refreshing change! There's still murder, stalking, and multiple murder attempts! I read this book in one sitting and just couldn't put it down.

We follow aspiring journalist Copper Black, who needs a change of pace and when an unexpected house-sitting job at a notorious Las Vegas gangster house, she doesn't hesitate to take up the offer.

While she is researching a story about a prestigious private school, Copper accidentally discovers the dead body of the school’s beloved founder, Marilyn Weaver. Now she finds herself involved in a high-profile murder investigation while she's trying to help her brother, a priest who is trying to help construct a new homeless shelter, but is facing problems when bones are discovered in the build site (bringing in a Native American chief to investigate if the site is a holy burial ground).

With the murder investigation picking up, Copper must now evade the stalking from Marilyn's son and her troubled niece, all while Detective Booth is gunning for her.

This was a great mystery! So fun to have all of the Las Vegas references and how that incorporates into the title! Megan Edwards does an amazing job with the characters. You feel like you know Copper - I loved how sarcastic she was with everyone and her developed love for Oscar (the old man tortoise). Then the internal thoughts on her coworkers, family issues, and love life struggles were hilarious.  Trying to fit the pieces together and how the characters intertwined. I hope there are more Copper Black books to come!

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Sam's Thoughts:
3 / 5 Stars

Copper Black, a journalist, finds herself smack dab in the middle of a murder investigation when she accidentally uncovers the dead body of a prominent leader of an elite private school. 

I didn’t necessarily find that this one had too much action or “oomph”.   This one read like if Becky Bloomfield from the Shopaholic novels were to start solving mysteries.  Copper finds herself wrapped up in this situation and there isn’t anything left for her to do but try and solve the case.    There was lots of drama but, truly, not a whole heck of a lot happening. 

I initially didn’t really like Copper but as I continued to read, she kind of grew on me.  She is one of those anti-hero characters who continuously makes poor choices but you love them anyways and are rooting for them.  She is the ultimate underdog.

I am not familiar with Las Vegas, so I didn’t particularly understand all the references, but I do feel like a Las Vegas native or someone who has travelled there would appreciate the setting of the story.  Edwards does do a good job at portraying Sin City.  

I did find that Edwards was able to weave an engaging story, just not what I was expecting. 

If you prefer your mysteries light and humorous, then you may enjoy this one. 

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My Thoughts:
4 / 5 Stars

Read in one-sitting, this is a delightful, fun and entertaining read from start to finish.  As a habitual visitor to Las Vegas it was fun to read a book in this setting and learn more about the history and backdrop of one of the most exciting places in the United States.  Copper is quite the fun character - she misplaces her phone more than any person that I know and clearly doesn't make the best decisions re her love life... this is real life people!  I'm utterly fascinated with the house she agrees to sit and now want to take on meat-eating plants and tortoises! 

While I didn't feel the story was very suspenseful or twisty, it kept me turning the pages and I fell in love with Copper Black (what a cool name).  She certainly has a lot to deal with between her exes, new interests, parents and their complex lives, the situations she gets herself in and maintaining her career.  This is a fantastic read for those looking for a lighter mystery that will make you smile, shake your head and learn more about Sin City.  What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there, no matter what you think. 😉

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