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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Review: The Cutaway by Christina Kovac

The Cutaway by Christina Kovac
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Atria Books / 37INK
Publishing 3/21/17
A debut novel worth picking up! This thriller told from the point of view of a journalist in our nation's capital really packs a punch.  Keeping you guessing, I'd be surprised if you figure out the ending before she neatly points it out to you.  The protagonist is someone I would be friends with and I love that she's a Jameson girl (like me!).  I'm still in awe that this debut novel is so well put together.  Atria really knows how to pick them.  Do yourself a favor and take a chance on this one!

Virginia Knightly knows her journalism. She gets down and dirty into the nitty gritty of a story and nothing or nobody will stop her from getting what she wants. A missing notice makes it way to her desk regarding a young attorney going missing in Georgetown. Nothing new really in the grand scheme of things, but her instincts tells her there's more to this than meets the eye. Risking everything, she digs deep into DC's political and business world, unraveling secrets of both. Will all her efforts help or hinder not only her professional life, but her personal life as well? How far would you go to get the story of a lifetime?

Basically read in one sitting, this debut novel (I can't believe it's her debut!) by Christina Kovac grabbed my hand, took off running and never let me stop to breathe. Short, concise chapters all from the point of view of Virginia keep the pages turning. Each bend around the corner kept me wondering as to what was going on and who the culprit could be. I love it when a book keeps me guessing up until the very end. Told, refreshingly, from the point of view of a journalist, you get to see the gritty side of our nation's capital and how a news story comes together as that world, like most businesses, has their own internal politics to meander. Highly recommend this read and will certainly be keeping an eye out for more of Kovac's work.

Huge thanks to Atria and 37 INK for this advanced copy in return for my honest opinion.

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