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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Review: Savages by Greg F. Gifune

by Greg F. Gifune

Publisher: Sinister Grin Press
Publish Date: September 15, 2016
Kindle Edition
275 Pages
Genres: Horror, Supernatural

It began as a vacation to the Cook Islands. But when seven friends are lost in the South Pacific after their boat goes down in a storm, they must survive at sea for several days in a small raft. Blown miles off course from their original position, and deep into open waters, they eventually encounter a small uncharted island.

Grateful to be alive, they begin their quest for survival, hopeful they’ll be rescued sooner than later. But the island is not the paradise it appears to be. Instead, it is a place of horror, death, torture and evil, of terrible secrets thought long buried and forgotten.

And they are not alone.

Something guards those horrible secrets, something evil and relentlessly violent, an ancient horror born of rage and vengeance, a blood-crazed predator that lives to kill and will stop at nothing to protect the island from those intruding upon its dark legacy.

The savage is loose, and there is no escape.

My Review:

Well that escalated quickly! And I want more!

This was a fun little romp into the crash victims left on a deserted (or is it) island.  This quickly becomes something of a pumped up Lost: the know-it-all cock fighting for position with another male, the married couple and the bimbo girl (the skipper, too! *insert music*).  As we know from any read with this type of plot, things start to spiral as people grow a bit more insane with each passing day.  Throw in something killing them off and then BOOM - we have some tense, horrifically gorgeous bloody moments!

I needed just a tad more character development with this story.  Here's the thing - I love to hate characters and I pretty much didn't like any of them except for Quinn... and maybe Dallas, which I'm fine with but if you're going to give me survivors to savages, I need more on the characters.  I did enjoy some of the character arcs but mostly I felt a little wanting.  And there were a couple of things I wanted to know more of (but not from Herm or Gino for goodness sakes - though they seemed to know EVERYTHING with abundance).  I loved little inklings thrown in such as the magazine - but then... nothing. I felt like this was leading to some other kind of explanation that got lost in the blood and gore.

I will say though that whether it was the author's intention or not, I loved the back story of the island how it kind of paralleled the survivor's experiences albeit an unplanned experiment of its own. *wink*


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