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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

#ATBR2019 Review: The Last Affair by Margot Hunt @jessmapreviews

The Last Affair 
by Margot Hunt 

Publisher: Mira Books
Publish Date: November 26, 2019
336 Pages
Genre: Domestic Thriller

Love may be blind, but obsession's a real killer.

Nora Holliday is not that kind of woman. Not the kind who has an illicit affair with a married man. But Josh Landon is everything Nora's alcoholic husband isn't. And now she and Josh are so infatuated, they can't stay away from one another.

Abby Landon, Josh's daughter, is home from college nursing a broken heart. She's seeking solace, not more scandal, so when she catches her dad kissing Nora, she vows to take the homewrecker down.

And as for Abby's mother and Josh's wife, Gwen? To anyone on the outside looking in, the mother of two appears to be living the ideal suburban life.

Until she winds up dead.

The serene seaside town of Shoreham has always been the perfect place to raise a family--not somewhere housewives are brutally murdered. So who killed Gwen Landon, and how many twisted secrets will be exposed as the vindictive plot comes undone?

My Review:

My third Margot Hunt book and let me tell ya - her writing is addictive.  She captivates you from the beginning and it really doesn't let up throughout the entire read.  Also, I'm a BIG fan of domestic thrillers.  They do tend to run the same gambit though - illicit affairs, families in disarray, unlikable characters, obsession and murder.  This one is no different but honestly, I love them so what can ya do? You like what you like!  

I tore through this one on my commutes - was looking forward to opening it up when I had a moment to see just how crazy it all got.  I love to not like characters and there's one in particular in here that I absolutely loved to despise.  We get a little hints here and there of some other crazies that tickle your "I'm figuring this out" bone.  Unfortunately for me, what was going so great went a little kaput in the ending.  I actually sighed and went, "No.  Whyyyyyyy?"  There needed to be a bit more about a certain character to make it worth it, in my opinion and really it was unnecessary.  Was the twist supposed to rock your world? Maybe but it didn't even give mine a shake.

Out of the three I've read, I'd recommend Best Friends Forever by this author the most.  If you like domestic thrillers, this is still a fun read and I'm curious to see what YOU would think of the ending.  While this one didn't *quite* work for me like I wished it had, I absolutely look forward to anything Hunt brings us in the future.


Jessica's Review:

This is my second book by Margot Hunt and it was such a quick and addictive read. I love when the author can make the book fly by and you don't even realize how far you've gotten. This domestic thriller doesn't necessarily bring anything new to the genre or anything Earth-shattering, but there is absolutely no doubt that this is an entertaining read. If you love domestic thrillers/suspense books, then this is a no-brainer for that TBR.

A love affair ending in murder, a daughter out for revenge, and characters you love to hate. I think those characters are always so much fun - you want something to happen to them and just cringe at everything they do. I think that shows great character development and this story definitely had that. Hunt did a great job reeling us in and keeping us hooked until the very end. Like I said, I didn't even realize how fast I was going through this book until I had to take a break to let the dogs outside. For that reason alone I would highly recommend this.

While I wasn't crazy about the ending, I did enjoy the reading experience. It didn't really bring anything new to the table as far as elements and story premise, but that's what we come to expect with domestic thrillers, right? A formula that works but with their own spins on it. I definitely plan on picking up more from Hunt in the future!

3 stars

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