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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Review: The Possession of Natalie Glasgow by Hailey Piper #nightwormsreviews @HaileyPiperSays

The Possession of Natalie Glasgow 
by Hailey Piper

Publish Date: October 2, 2018
Kindle Edition
66 Pages
Genre: Horror

Margaret Willow has never met an eleven-year-old as dangerous as Natalie Glasgow. Natalie spends her days comatose, but at night she prowls her mother’s home, unnaturally strong and insatiably carnivorous. With doctors baffled, Natalie’s mother reaches out to Margaret, an expert in the supernatural. But even Margaret is mystified and terrified by Natalie’s condition. She’s dying, and before she dies, she might kill someone. Has a demon clawed its way inside an eleven-year-old girl? Or does the source of this nightmare lie with Natalie’s dead father?

A tight, tense novella, THE POSSESSION OF NATALIE GLASGOW twists the exorcism tale at every turn down to its final grave confrontation.

My Review:

Finally a possession book I really liked!!! Don't get me wrong, I've read possession books and liked them but have found some a bit tedious or boring.  Don't ask me why. I have no answer for you.  But give me one in 66 pages that is unique in story telling and something different from the norm and you have my full attention.  

The only bad thing about novellas and short stories is sometimes the lack of character and potential story development.  However, I think that's what almost loses my interest at times in stories such as these.  Glasgow goes right into the creepy, gritty parts and I am here for every raw, sinewy piece of it. And to be quite honest, I absolutely love the *twist* to it and was rooting for Natalie AND what possesses her.  Weird? Probably. True? Absolutely.

One little thing, I wish there was a different cover for this read and if you read this story, I think you'll know why.  Overall this one does give you a little bit of that creep factor. I may be eating my meat a little less on the rare side for a few days after this and there is nothing creepier than a kid of whatever age skulking about giving you the dead eyes.  Definitely would recommend.


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