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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

SPOTLIGHT: The Trouble With Becoming A Witch by Amy Edwards @realamyedwards

The Trouble With Becoming A Witch 
by Amy Edwards

Veronica thinks she’s happy. She’s got a beautiful daughter and enjoys the picturesque suburban life everybody wants ...right? But as the fights with her husband grow more frequent and intense, she finds herself drawn to researching witchcraft late at night. When her husband discovers her new hobby, battle lines are drawn, and her marriage spirals downward.

Bristling with wit, compassion, and unflinching honesty, The Trouble With Becoming A Witch is far from a “snap your fingers and change” kind of tale. It’s about what happens when a woman decides to stop living the life everyone has told her she is supposed to lead and starts living a life true to her desires. Seizing your own kind of magic isn’t easy and Veronica is forced to look deeply into who she wants to become. Is risking the security of life as she knows it worth becoming the witch and woman she knows she truly is?

Amy Edwards is a radio personality, musician, author, podcast host, DJ, performer, actor, activist, transformation coach, lover of all things fashion, and mom to two girls. Amy’s platform is about rocking life to the fullest, and she believes strongly in helping others overcome their fears in order to reach their goals. Her music career inspired her “Rock Your Life” movement, as she picked up a guitar at age 38 and then wrote and released several albums, most recently the 2018 epic double album project “Magic, Vols. 1 & 2.” Amy continues to use her creative voice and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

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