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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Review: Whatever It Takes by Paul Cleave @paulcleave

Whatever It Takes 
by Paul Cleave

Publish Date: August 8, 2019
Kindle Edition
424 Pages
Genres: Crime Fiction, Thriller

When seven-year-old Alyssa is kidnapped, Deputy Noah Harper decides he will do what it takes to find her – but that means crossing lines he can never come back from. Finding the girl safe, isn’t enough to stop Noah from losing his job, his wife, and from being kicked out of Acacia Pines. He’s told if he ever returns, he’ll be put in jail and left there to rot. Now, 12 years later, comes a phone call. Alyssa is missing again and her father wants him to honour the promise he made to her all those years earlier – that he would never let anything bad happen to her again. To find her, Noah is going to have to head back to the pines, and come face to face with the past… 

My Review:

Not only is this author one of the nicest people on the planet, he writes AMAZING thrillers too!  I have just found my new favorite from him.  Thank goodness for a slow work day so I could finish reading this today as this one is absolutely binge worthy and you'll be glued to the pages.

If something terrible happened that took you away from the town you grew up with and served, what would it take to bring you back over a decade later?  We live through Noah Harper throughout this novel.  He took unconventional ways to save a little girl's life and was sent out of town because of it.  Twelve years later, she has disappeared again and now he must keep his promise to her.  What he comes back to is beyond anything he (or anyone else) would have expected.

Now, Noah's got some issues.  That's for sure.  But damn do I love his character!  While he may not get things done in the prettiest manner, his heart is in the right place and damn it, I was rooting for him the entire time.  One thing is for sure - he is tenacious and once his mind is made up... there's no stopping him.  (Also, can I please have a cat named Lego?)  Cleave has given us this small town hero and brought in something bigger than him, or that town, to contend with.  I was NOT expecting some of what happened to come into play.  And that ending - I LOVED IT.  But also, WOW. I was halfway going YES - this is PERFECT to yelling NOOOOO... c'moooooonnnnnnnn!  Hey now, these are the types of endings I live for though.

I especially loved reading the acknowledgments and how he came up with this story and love that he mentions his "Evil Twin" as I have one of those as well.  This author needs be better known than he is amongst thriller lovers.  He needs to churn out more books because I need more.  I'd be pretty happy if Noah came back too.


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