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Sunday, October 20, 2019

#ATBR2019 Review: Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren @gallerybooks @christinalauren @jessmapreviews

Twice in a Blue Moon 
by Christina Lauren 

Thanks so much to Gallery Books for these free copies.

Publisher: Gallery Books
Publish Date: October 22, 2019
368 Pages
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

As an adventurous send-off to her childhood, eighteen-year-old Tate Jones travels with her grandmother from their small town in Northern California to London. But the vacation of a lifetime is wonderfully derailed by the appearance of two charming Vermont farmers: grandfather Luther and his handsome grandson Sam.

Sam and Tate fall hard and fast. For two glorious weeks, the couple share their hopes, dreams, and secrets. Sam admits he suspects his grandfather is dying and that this could be the last trip they take together, and Tate reveals that she is the hidden daughter of one of the biggest film stars in the world—a secret she’s never told anyone before.

But when Tate is exposed by a crush of cameras and reporters, she knows she's been betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust. She is forced to decide whether she will return to her quiet life or embrace being in the public eye. So when Sam reappears in her world more than a decade later, can Tate forgive the past and rekindle the passion they shared on their magical trip abroad? And does she even want to?

My Review:

GAH! YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSS! Every time I go into a contemporary romance, I think "pshhh.. romance, *rolls eyes* whatever...." and then it's Christina Lauren and they KILL ME. EVERY. TIME.

Nothing is more of an emotional roller coaster than your first young love and heartbreak... until your first real adult love and heartbreak.  To get that second chance with that *perfect* person. Well, hell.  Thank you books for making me believe that maybe... just *maybe*, this could happen in real life.  I mean, don't we all need a Sam in our lives?  And Tate - how do you not fall in love with her too? 

What I love about this book too is the backstory, the screen writing peppered within of Milkweed.  Tackling that subject matter in such a dignified and beautiful way.  Bringing the story that both Sam and Tate go through and making you feel it with all of your everything.  DAMMIT.  I don't like to feel this much and YET I DO.  I keep thinking that THIS ONE isn't going to get to me but here I am, reading emails with Tate and feeling this weird wetness in my eyeballs. Great.  JUST GREAT.

Basically, read this book.  Read all their books! Just grab a tissue box, a cozy comforter and keep that glimmer of hope shining within.


Jessica's Review:

I almost never pick up anything in the contemporary romance genre, but when it comes to Christina Lauren, I know I won't be disappointed! There's something about their writing and their stories that just suck me to where I fly through the book. This is my third book by them and TWICE IN A BLUE MOON was all I was hoping it would be. 

Everyone remembers their first love, which usually ends up being your real first heartbreak. Sam and Tate had a whirlwind two weeks where they fell in love - sharing everything with each other. Years after they parted ways, their paths cross again on-set of Tate's newest film she's starring in. Is this the time for closure? Or is this the time for them to get a second chance at love?

We get two timelines, going back and forth between their time together when they first met and now, 14 years later when they meet again. I loved how quick this was - I didn't realize this was what I needed right now. Something light and fun, and who doesn't like believing in second chances? We get everything you look for in a contemporary romance - drama, struggles, love, obstacles, and of course, romance. If you're a fan of the writing duo that is Christina Lauren, then you'll really enjoy it! 

5 stars

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