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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Review: My Hungry Friend by Daniel Barnett @dbhfiction

My Hungry Friend 
by Daniel Barnett

188 Pages
Genre: Horror

When Mike Roberts kicks over a homeless woman's cup of change, she whispers a cryptic warning:

"Mind the cracks . . ."

Now the Boston he knows and loves is unraveling around him. But his life is not the only thing at stake. His mother, a once acclaimed writer lost in the late stages of Alzheimer's, depends on him to have a home. And then there's her caretaker, Cassie, who might want something more from Mike than the friendship they've long shared.

As his city balances on a razor's edge, Mike will have to hunt down the daughter of the woman he wronged and uncover their terrible family secret . . . or be plunged into a world of crawling horrors and unspeakable hunger.

A world from which no one has ever returned.

My Review:

They say that being nice doesn't cost you anything but being mean certain does.  Mike Roberts, dentist and caretaker of his own mother, learns this the hard way.  Sure, it's good to have good intentions to say you're sorry or try to make it up afterwards... but then why do it to begin with.  When does your temper snapping cause this ripple effect where you can not escape?!

Ok, let me just say that I have a thing about insects and creepy crawlies and arachnids and ...*shiver*.. I just got goosebumps even thinking about it and Barnett gives us these in spades.  Barnett serves up visuals that are so bright, colorful, dark and creepy that your imagination will have trouble keeping up.  Now, every time I feel like something is crawling on me but I find nothing, I'm going to think of this book.  I'm also now finding myself running my tongue along my gums periodically now too.  Great.  Thanks mister. *sigh*

But these are all signs of how good this book is.  I absolutely love where the title of this book comes from.  Wow.  While the main character isn't one you particularly care for at first, he does grow on you - in a magical fungus kinda way, not a wart kinda way.  His relationship with his mother and Cassie, the woman who helps periodically, gives him a real humanness.  His dive into this other world will also get you considering your sanity.

I'll certainly be taking extra care when walking past any homeless people on the streets - though I would never purposely kick a cup, I'm definitely accident prone so why take the chance? And whatever I do, I'll definitely "MIND THE CRACKS".


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