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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

REVIEW: The Queen of Bones by G. Zimmerman @theboldmom

The Queen of Bones
by G. Zimmerman

Publisher: J. Ellington Ashton Press
Publish Date: March 29, 2016

Kindle Edition
253 Pages
Genre: Apocalyptic, Horror

A seventeen year old orphan, alone in the deadly post-apocalyptic world. She’s feisty, yet vulnerable; a woman, and yet a young girl. And with her discovery, she just might be humanity’s savior. Meet Sara Hill . . . 

Two years after the advent of the deadly solar storms known as sunthrobs, civilization is in a shambles. Most animal species are extinct. The few people who survived have formed roving bands of sun-scorched degenerates who scour the land for scarce provisions. The periodic sunthrobs continue to take their deadly toll. Survival is a day to day struggle. 

Sara Hill and two other teenagers are driven from their fallout shelter home. They head west, hoping to find asylum in a rumored Seattle colony that is striving to re-establish civilization. If caught by the 
marauding bands, they will be robbed, the two girls raped, and all of them most likely killed. Sara brings her discovery of how to survive the sunthrobs with her. But will she herself survive the horrors of the road? Does the fabled Seattle colony even exist? Either way, there is no turning back. 

My Review:

Quite the different apocalyptic story.  The sun is killing the people on this planet.  Sunthrobs are hard to steer clear from and the survivors are becoming animalistic and violent.  Sara, the oldest 17-year old you'll ever meet, has a condition that helps her know when a sunthrob is coming and she has figured out a way to beat them.  The loneliness of everyone dying around her, surviving on her own and constantly being raped, left for dead or attempted killings is taking quite the toll on her.  She just needs to make it to a colony and perhaps she can become a part of something bigger.

I loved the way the author made this world - all the horrors within and the different experiences Sara went through with various groups.  It seems that such apocalyptic events brings out the worst in humans... but this story also shows how goodness is still contained within and not everything can be assumed.  

The issues I had were the continued use of sex as a means of survival - rape me so you won't hurt me further. Um... I'm just gonna go with the use any means to survive part of this... and hell, at her age, when an older woman tells her this is the better way to go, well.. why wouldn't she use what her momma gave her?  I could also have used less of her different types of kisses descriptions. 

The last 20% of the book seemed quite different from the rest of it.  I understood where the author was going with this and I'm glad to see Sara make use of her education and confidence to get to a certain place amongst other survivors.  Then it all seems a bit summed up. Ta-da! I'm torn between wanting to know what happens now and going ah... ok... so this is where it leaves off.  

The tenacity and wonder of how Sara survived in this world was actually fun to read and while she seemed worlds above her given age, during these types of events, I'd think that it would certainly cause you to grow up much faster than you should... but the author did a great job in keeping her in her age in certain areas. The huffiness of certain situations, etc.  I certainly was engaged with the story. All hail the Queen of Bones.


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