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Saturday, December 29, 2018

REVIEW: Into the Night by Marin Montgomery @authormarin

Into The Night
by Marin Montgomery

Thank you so much to the author for this copy.  I love finding new (to me) authors.  I am officially obsessed with this one.

Publisher: Wilted Lilly L.L.C.
Publish Date: October 19, 2018
Kindle Edition
490 Pages
Genres: Thriller, Suspense

When Blair and Bristol Bellamy’s overprotective parents agreed to let their daughters spend spring break in Oahu, they never anticipated that only one of them would return. What should have been a week of soaking up the Hawaiian sun next to pristine blue waters takes an unexpected turn when Blair wakes up on the beach one morning with no purse, no shoes, and no memory of what happened the night before.

And worse?

No sister. Bristol had vanished into the night. Gone without a trace.

After months of tireless investigations and dead-end searches, Blair was forced to return home to the Midwest without her younger sister, and her life was never the same—until ten years later when a package arrives, suggesting Bellamy might still be alive.

For the first time since Bristol disappeared, Blair has a reason to believe her sister is still out there. But if she wants to find her, she'll need to return to the place where it all happened, launch a dangerous investigation of her own, and if she's lucky, she might come out of it alive...

My Review:

An absolute page turner about two sisters on Spring Break in Hawaii. Breaking rules and going out with two guys they met at a surf lesson, the night turns foggy as the drinks hit them hard.  One wakes up on the beach with no memory of what happened.  The other wakes up tied to a bed.. the beginning of her hellish existence still to come.

The dynamics of Blair's relationship with her mother, how the disappearance of Bristol affected so many peoples lives and the uneasiness of the abductor...  Montgomery had me hooked. I felt and FELT for these sisters.  They both had to endure their own hell on earth.  How does anyone recover from this? 

There are definitely some uneasy scenes that happen with the abduction.  I couldn't even imagine or know how I would be in any of these types of situations.  I certainly have always been wary about drinks bought for me - we learned early in college to keep and eye "just in case".  However, when you're not even legal drinking age yet and your parents are extremely strict... well, you just might push the edges a little and I can't really blame them.  

I've seen people put this in a YA category for some reason.  And while I GUESS I kind of get it considering the girls ages, I wouldn't put it in this category at all. A bit of a harrowing read, but I enjoyed every page of it.


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