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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

REVIEW: The Devil's Inside by Adrienne Mee

The Devil's Inside
by Adrienne Mee

Thanks so much to the author for this copy!

Publish Date: May 15, 2018
178 Pages
Genre: Horror

Rachel and John Garland have traded big city life in for small-town living in rural Tennessee. They seek a chance to be closer to John’s family and a new start for his independent law practice. After a month of fruitless searching for the perfect property, Rachel finally finds the ideal country home for her young family- a fixer upper in need of a little TLC. With her husband travelling out of state to tie up loose ends with his former employer, Rachel often finds herself alone with a house to renovate and her two young children to care for. As the days pass, Rachel finds she is struggling to settle in to the new home. Renovation efforts soon begin to fail and a series of strange happenings begin to plague her. But with a history of mental illness, Rachel fears her concerns aren’t being taken seriously by those around her. As she delves into the home’s disturbing history, she becomes increasingly convinced she is being terrorized by an evil presence, and the odd events that are occurring are not just a figment of her imagination...

My Review:

I love it when a debut novel surprises me! 

We haveusual horror tropes - an old house purchased by a new family that needs to be updated. Strange occurrences.  Kids with their "imaginary friend".  Mom going nutso.  However, it's done in a fresh debut that's quick paced and will keep you turning those pages.  At under 200 pages, this is one horror fans will speed through.

With that ending, I'm wondering what will happen! Is there another book coming to explore? No, I don't think so and that's perfectly fine.  While it was slightly predictable if you are an avid horror reader, I did like where the author took us in the journey.

Also, I will never ever purchase an old house in need to restoring. Nope. Not gonna.



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  2. This is a great review. :)
    Definitely a book to buy soon.