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Sunday, December 16, 2018

REVIEW: Friends Like These by Sarah Alderson @mulhollandbooks @sarahalderson

Friends Like These
by Sarah Alderson

Thanks to Mulholland Books for this free review copy!

Publisher: Mulholland Books
Publish Date: December 13, 2018
320 Pages
Genre: Psychological Thriller

We all know someone like Becca.

She has the job everyone wants, a designer wardrobe, a hot-shot lawyer boyfriend, holidays to exotic locations. And she flaunts her perfect life all over social media.

It drove her colleague Lizzie mad, but she couldn't stop looking. They were never really friends - and yet Lizzie knew everything about her.

Or did she?

When chance, and a terrible mistake, pulls Lizzie back into Becca's orbit years after they lost touch, she'll realise that you can't always believe what you see online... and that finding out the truth might be the worst thing you can do.

There's no such thing as a perfect life. Only a perfect lie.

My Review:

We all have stalked someone on social media.  We all have possibly portrayed our online lives to be happier and better than real life.  What happens when someone disrupts that life? How do you make them pay?  Lizzie is about to find out.

Basically y'all, bitches be CRAZY.  This is a fun, quick read for those who like the crazy … and I DO.  It does go off the rails towards the end but I didn't mind it at all.  Lessons learned: never take social media life for real life.  Make sure the message you're sending is going to the person it is meant for  Don't exacerbate the situation and own your shit.

Listen, this is one fun romp of a book.  Suspend some reality, appreciate the insanity and remember to not be so judgmental.


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  1. I just finished Friends Like These. But I don't understand the ending. Who lived???? Becca or Lizzie??