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Thursday, June 21, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: Project Nighlight by Gianinna Koszegi

Project Nighlight
by Gianinna Koszegi

Do you like dystopian novels?  Then take a look at Gianinna Koszegi's novel!
First in a series, this is available NOW!


What does it mean to be chosen?

Everything is normal. Work. Family. Friends. School. Until one day, it isn't. It's as if a power button that control the entire world has been pushed. Blaize Henderson is now part of a group, called the Chosen 13, all of them handpicked by the very beings that pushed this button. What is she chosen for? Well, Earth’s survival. Now, she has no choice but to lead the rest of the chosen through a perilous journey that they might not make it back from... Should she trust the abilities they gave her? Her head? Her gut? Her heart? All she knows is if they don't make it back and give their new visitors the answer they want to hear, Earth will never be the same again…

About the author: 

Gianinna Koszegi (1998-) was born in, and grew up in the cactus-filled deserts of Arizona, despite being a full-blooded Hungarian. Gianinna has wanted to be a professional author since the age of nine and she can't remember a time when she wasn't writing or reading something. At the age of fifteen, she sat down and decided to make her dream come true and started writing her first book. Now, at the age of nineteen, she has two published works under her name and because of her love for the English language, she is pursuing a degree in Creative Writing.

-Instagram: @author.gianinna
-Tumblr: @authorkintsukuroi

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