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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: Domani by Carolyn Gross @smithpublicity

Outer Ring Series Volume 1
by Carolyn Gross

The first installment of Gross’ sci-fi series follows a woman as she aims to save a population of a planet headed for fiery annihilation. An interplanetary tale with stellar characters that will put readers on the hunt for the next entry.”
-Kirkus Reviews

A planet in danger of extinction, a father’s protective love, a young woman’s unknown birth powers and powerful government manipulation— immerse yourself into the small dark planet known as Dalia.

The first in the series, Domani: Outer Ring Series Volume 1, by seasoned author Carolyn Gross offers the newest coming of age sci-fi. Lulu knew the people of Dalia deserved to live in darkness. The knowledge existed in her bones as surely as she knew that the flames were coming to end their existence. She stood hidden in the crowd gathered before the steps of the Sanctuary as she did every day to hear the doyen speak. The doyen spoke of hope in a world shrouded in darkness by the enormous gas planet spinning above it. That planet protected Dalia from the raging fires of a sun positioned too close to sustain life. But their protector planet was shifting away from them and the shadow that once sheltered them was disappearing. The doyen normally told calming sermons to a beleaguered and frightened people, but this time was different. He would tell them that their destruction was assured. Before he could, he would have to survive an assassination attempt. Lulu was the only one who could see it. The strength and power Lulu discovers about herself will place her at the head of a massive uprising that will span across an entire galaxy. Does she become the catalyst needed to destroy the empire that created her?

            Domani is developed in a fast-paced storyline with elements of female empowerment, deception, adventure, romance, and suspense. Inspired by growing up reading science fiction and fantasy titles centered around male protagonists, Gross created the character of Lulu— an unlikely lead, she is the shy face in the crowd. Relatable to so many readers, Lulu begins her journey on the sidelines but ends in the spotlight.

An epic and edge-of-your-seat tale, Domani reveals:

       Ethics—with overarching themes of manipulations throughout, humans and animals are tampered with for the use of power to benefit those around them
       The bond between a father and daughter—love in the truest form showcases that certain things are universal
       Female empowerment—transforming from a meek girl into a powerful woman by believing in the strength she had inside of herself all along
       Genetics—the manipulation of Darwinian philosophies to create gifted humans
       Human-animal bond—while some of the animals are genetically tampered with for their loyalty, the love and understanding between the two continues

About the Author:

Carolyn Gross is a small animal veterinarian living and practicing in New England. She started writing during her residency and hasn't stopped since. Writing scientific research papers is not nearly as fulfilling as delving into a fantastic world. Rules don't have to be confined to science as we know it. What started as a hobby is now an obsession.

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Domani: Outer Ring Series Volume 1 is available for purchase on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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