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Thursday, June 21, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: Crusader by Joel Galloway @smithpublicity

by Joel Galloway

Spotlighting this DEBUT NOVEL from Joel Galloway!
Learn more about this thriller about the Mexican cartel below.

The realities of Mexican drug cartels are not for the faint of heart, and neither is a new thriller from stunning debut talent Joel Galloway. CRUSADER follows a former DEA Agent who has been captured, tortured, and left for dead in the Mexican wilderness. He is discovered and brought to a monastery where he is healed by a polymath Catholic priest. Eventually the protagonist becomes devoted to the priest’s cause. He is transformed into a holy warrior, reminiscent of the Knights Templars, and will stop at nothing in his fight against the cartels to protect the innocent.
            The tale is set against the backdrop of the original, monolithic Mexican drug cartel which has splintered into several warring factions. An ancient evil religion fuels the ambitions of the most powerful cartel leaders, hell-bent on utter destruction. As it fights its descent into darkness, the country desperately searches for heroes.

            The violence that has occurred in Mexico is shocking and disturbing,” Galloway says. “But it happened and is happening. Rather than turn a blind eye, people should be aware of it. Thus, I wanted to vividly illustrate some of this to the reader.”

Joel Galloway was raised in the mountains of Idaho where he developed a passion for hunting, fishing, and athletics. For close to a decade he lived on the U.S./Mexico border as a missionary and student, eventually graduating from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). He’s followed the so-called Mexican drug wars with fascination and extreme concern, the subject eventually becoming the impetus for this novel. He and his family currently live in Northern Virginia where he works as a government contractor, assisting in the defense of the United States. This is his first novel.

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