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Monday, April 23, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: White Night by J.J. Holt @JJ_HoltAuthor

White Night 
by J.J. Holt

Spotlighting this new hot detective series from J.J. Holt!
Continue below for a synopsis, about the author and book trailer!

Publisher:  New Take Publishing
Publish Date:  January 21, 2018
348 Pages
Series: Detective Connors (Volume 1)
Genres:  Police Procedural, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

With reviews like “Long story short. Read this book…”, “Best detective novel I’ve read in a long time!” and “If only they were all this good…” Lovers of crime fiction and mystery – J.J. Holt’s White Night is for you.

Her last case nearly killed her.

After a year fighting her way back from life-threatening injuries, Homicide Detective Jen Connors is finally reinstated, but tough questions still surround her actions that night.

Now, partnered with the controversial Detective Alan Ross—a move she suspects is designed to end her career—she faces a homicide case that quickly spirals into a horrifying twist of death, terror and survival as the mysterious “White Night” event threatens more than just their lives.

But there’s more to Alan Ross than the department rumors suggest. He could just be the best partner she’s ever had, or her last.

Together, they are the city’s strongest chance at preventing White Night’s destruction and stopping a killer who uses every resource, including the NYPD themselves, to carry out his plan for redemption...

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Review from

White Night by J.J. Holt follows Detective Jen Connors after she is reinstated to the NYPD following a devastating accident on her last case. With her career in jeopardy and her fitness for duty in question, she's less than thrilled about her new partner, an uncooperative transfer who is damaged in his own right. Their first case together involves solving a murder mystery with almost no viable initial leads, and Connors must ultimately stop a plot orchestrated by a mob member that could lead to many casualties.

Many crime thriller books fall into predictable patterns. White Night bucks this trend completely, with uncooperative witnesses, personal flaws that greatly hinder the protagonists, and a variety of unknown quantities that lend a great deal of suspense to the narrative. Holt doesn't shy away from throwing any variety of catastrophes at her characters, so even the result of the book's climactic operation seems like it could go either way. These elements never feel shoehorned in or disorganized, though, and the ending is still quite satisfying.

Another striking narrative element was the sheer amount of character in the book's world. Rather than focusing on only a few main characters to develop, Connors' enemies, co-workers, and even people she knows personally are incredibly distinct. This also leads the reader to sympathize, at least a little bit, with several of the antagonists. It's a bit hard to quantify, but every single character in this book, regardless of the impact of their role, feels like a real person.

White Night is very character-driven, and while it takes place in New York City, I felt that the story could be transposed to practically any urban setting with very little difference. This isn't necessarily a flaw, merely a stylistic choice that follows in the footsteps of most police procedurals. There is also no romance between Connors and Ross. I found this refreshing, as it would undermine Connors' struggle to become independent after her injury, but readers who demand romantic relationships in thriller books may not be satisfied with how their relationship develops.

Ultimately, its character-focused narrative is White Night's greatest strength. It is an incredibly engaging novel with starkly realistic motives and relationships, and every page is infused with a sense of urgency and tension.

For these reasons, I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. I'd highly recommend it to both new and old fans of police procedurals, from literature to television cop dramas.

Author Bio:

J.J. 's background is about as varied as it gets. A consultant for the British Navy, Fortune 500 Companies, various branches of the US Government and non-profit organizations, it was only a matter of time before J.J. returned to a love of writing.

J.J. never has a shortage of experiences to draw from after living in the UK, US and Canada. With a natural storytelling voice and a talent for connecting characters and readers via real world emotions and experiences, J.J. is already turning heads with White Night.

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  1. Read this book - it was awesome. Definitely recommended.