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Sunday, April 8, 2018

BLOG TOUR & REVIEW: Perfect Match by D.B. Thorne @corvusbooks @Thorne_D #PerfectMatch @annecater

Perfect Match
by D.B. Thorne

Excited to be today's stop on the BLOG TOUR for Perfect Match! A unique thriller bringing in the perils of online dating and a man's deadly pursuit to fulfill his act at any cost.

When Solomon's sister is found drugged and in a coma after an online date, Solomon can't believe this was just a terrible accident. Determined to find out what happened to his sister, and with the police unwilling to help, Solomon begins to investigate on his own. He soon uncovers a rash of similar cases of women who have been found brutally murdered or assaulted after an online date.

There is a predator out there working the streets of London, preying on young women. Solomon sets out to bring him to justice, putting him on a collision course with a deadly killer who is fiendishly clever and more twisted than anyone could possibly imagine...

Publisher:  Corvus
Published:  April 5, 2018
400 pages
Genres:  Mystery, Thriller

I studied English Literature at Queen Mary's in London. Everything I was taught there was wonderful - except learning how to write academically, which, frankly, is a bit of a curse for a writer.

Then I got a job in advertising, writing ads for the press and TV and radio and those horrible things which get shoved through your door. But it taught me economy. Less is more. Comes in handy, when you want to keep the pace up. And sell teabags. And shampoo.

Still, advertising. It’s a bit... grubby. So I got into writing comedy, for the BBC, Channel Four. Sketches, gags, scripts. This was invaluable for writing character. You can’t do decent comedy if you can’t come up with good characters. Oh, and taking risks. Sketches have to be absurd, bonkers, but believable. I suppose that’s what you’d call a transferable skill. Thrillers need to be pretty out there, too.  But still believable.

Then in 2010 I moved to Essex, and was immediately inspired to write East Of Innocence. Whatever you read about Essex, the reality is bigger, louder and more in-your-face. With Range Rovers.

After I finished my Essex noir trilogy, I switched my attention to psychological thrillers. Troll is my first standalone novel, and one I hope will keep people awake at night (for all the right reasons).

I am proud to be represented by Tina Betts at Andrew Mann.

**bio taken from his website

My Review:

Oh this book. Where do I even begin?  A clever crime thriller where the heart of the story is not with the PI/Detective/Investigator, but rather with our protagonist, Solomon Mullan.  Oh Solomon, how I love thee so.  Flawed, brilliant, self-conscious, big hearted and you just FEEL for him.  Coming from a bit of a rough family... his brother, Luke, is in the crime business and after a horrible acid attack that was destined for Luke but ended up on Solomon's face, he's been holed up and away from the pity and horror in the eyes who see him.  Instead, he finds solace in an online group, the Brain Pool.  Where he gets to exercise his brain and stay behind the screen... no longer at the scrutiny of the public. Then he finds out his sister, a stripper/burlesque dancer who isn't known to make the most respectable decisions, has been found drugged and now in a coma in the hospital.  Seems Solomon's luck just isn't meant to be good.  Fox, the detective in charge of the case is of no help whatsoever so Solomon takes it into his own hands to find out what happened to his sister.  Family is family, after all.  This Fox character is deplorable and good lord did I despise her!  

In this digital age where online dating has become the norm, Thorne takes us into the worst side of it.  I'm not a fan of online dating and this book certainly makes me want to steer clear of it even more. YOWZA!  But wow - the antagonist... I wasn't expecting it to go in this direction.  I love the cryptic messages, the puzzle pieces they needed to put together and how this psychotic, but brilliant, mind build each abduction into something more and more sinister.

Cleverly pieced together like a good puzzle ought to be, Thorne takes us on a wild ride.  Even in the most flawed family dynamic, there is that undercurrent of loyalty that cannot be broken.  Solomon, while in the depths of his own self loathing, brings us on an emotional and compassionate ride.  Get to know him; you won't be sorry.


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