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Monday, April 9, 2018

REVIEW: The Girl I Used To Be by Mary Torjussen @berkleypub @netgalley @marytorjussen

The Girl I Used To Be
by Mary Torjussen

Thanks so much to Netgalley and Berkley Pub, for this copy in return for my honest review.

Publisher:  Berkley
Publishing:  April 24, 2018
Kindle Edition
368 Pages
Genres:  Thriller, Fiction, Mystery

Goodreads Synopsis:

The acclaimed author of Gone Without a Trace returns with a new novel of twisting psychological suspense in which a woman is forced to face down her blackmailer.

Someone's been sending Gemma compromising photos. Photos she doesn't remember. She can't recall much about that night during a work conference--she'd written off her headache the next morning as the result of too much drinking at the hotel bar. But then increasingly disturbing photos start appearing in her email, along with bills and other items she can't account for. As the blackmailer grows bolder and events start to escalate beyond her control, Gemma fears for her already shaky marriage and worries that the truth of what really happened that night must be more twisted than she imagines. 

Unable to go to the police for fear that she will lose her family, Gemma resolves to hunt down the blackmailer on her own. But not everyone in Gemma's life is who they seem, and as she gets closer to the truth, she discovers just how far the shadows from her past can reach. 

My Review:

After reading Gone Without A Trace last year, when I saw Mary Torjussen's new book on NetGalley I had to hit the request button.   I couldn't remember, at the time, what my rating for that book was, but I do remember liking her writing style and was excited when I received the email telling me I was approved for this title.

What Torjussen does well is hooking you right from the start.  Immediately you're brought right into the story until you get to Part 2, where the twist comes into play.  While it's not throat punchy, it definitely does get your attention.  The issue for me isn't that I expected that twist, because I certainly wasn't expecting THAT to happen.  Unfortunately, by the time I got there, I had lost a tiny bit of interest.  I went back to my review for Gone Without A Trace and realized it was due to the same reasons.  It feels a bit repetitive at times and UFF, the husband - how ANNOYING was HE?!  (Great job in making me hate this guy - 🤣.)  When Part 2 comes in, then my interest gets piqued again.  Where is she going to go with this?  Will Gemma figure it out?  Just how bad will this person go with these pictures to get to her and WHY is he doing this?  All questions I need answered.  We finally do get the answers ... but it's done a bit abruptly.  What WAS supposed to happen at midnight?  This never really got resolved.  Among a few other questions I still have...  

There's not doubt Torjussen brings us a fun and twisted story.  This story is easy to read and perfect for those who like the lighter thriller without any out of the world twists that shake you to the core.  I certainly will continue to see what she brings to the table. 🙂


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